I Know What You Did Last Summer: Thrilling Cliffhanger Explained

I Know What You Did Last Summer is moving with an exciting plotline where many mysterious secrets are revealed. Alison and her friends also got to know about Clara’s secrets and her relations with the terror in the town. But before we dive too deep into the whole of the upcoming plot, it will be better to have an idea about the previous episodes.

What Happened in the Last Episode of the Show?

Talking about the fifth episode, we got to know about who the real serial killer was. Clara is the one who had been creating all the mess in the town all along this time, be it in the form of terrorizing the folks or blackmailing them about leaking their secrets. Alison and her friends are also sure about Clara being the one begins all this mess. So they barge into her house to get proof for their suspicion.

I Know What You Did Last Summer: Thrilling Cliffhanger Explained

Besides this, Alison finds something that makes her think about the relationship she and her father have been serving all these years. In this way, the episode ends where the team gets to know that they will have to dig much more deeply to know more about the case.

Plot Speculations About the Upcoming Episode, i.e., the Sixth one?

The sixth episode of ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ is titled as ‘Least You Had A Spare.’ So this episode will bring forward the secret that led Alison to think about her father. Other than this, Bruce might seem to feel guilty about the fact that he left Lennon alone even before her death. He seems to be in a state of nervous tension where he is thinking about something suspicious. It could also hint that he is hiding some secrets that might get revealed in the upcoming track.

Clara’s fate seems to have a 360-degree turn after the last episode where she encountered the murderer. Alison and Margot seem to have feelings for each other which they might be showing in this episode. This episode might also throw light on the evidence that Lyla will find in Clara’s house, which might reveal her being a part of some cult. 

Where can We Watch the Sixth Episode?

Now, as we all are well aware of the speculations about the upcoming plot, let’s make you knowledgeable about the platforms where you can watch all these episodes. This is an Amazon Original show, and it clears all the doubt that you cannot watch this show anywhere outside Amazon.

When will the Upcoming Episode Hit the Screens?

The Sixth episode will be easily available to watch on October 29, 2021. So, you can directly log into your Amazon account and enjoy the show. We hope that this episode will calm down your nervousness as you might get answers to many questions that might have been raised in the previous episodes.


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