‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Season 2 Release Date Netflix

The first season of “I Am Not Okay With This”, which was released on Netflix in the month of February 2020, received an amazing response from the audience and became one of the hits of this year. The first season had a total of seven episodes which came to an end on the 27th of February, 2020.

The first season of the series narrated a tale of a girl named Syd( the role played by Sophia Lillis) who discovers that she is filled with telekinetic powers. Though not a perfect one, the first season was definitely enjoyable, characterized by a strong performance of Sophia Lillis, it certainly left a room for the launch of next season.

Now, the second season of “I Am Not Okay With This”, which is eagerly awaited, is gearing up to make its way on Netflix. The second season directly hinted to the tip of Syd, then operating away and questions likely lingering after the mind-exploding (heh) events of the ultimate episodes.

The second season is expected to clear the mysteries of season one. One of them is about “The Man” who mysteriously appears at the end of season one.

Release Date:

However, there has not been any official confirmation by Netflix regarding the release of the second season of “I Am Not Okay With This”. So, it is obviously not yet clear when we will get to see the second season of “I Am Not Okay With This”.

It is known that the announcements regarding the renewal of the series may not be made until the clear productions can get underway safely. But yes, the fans of the series can definitely rest easy because of course, the more is most probably on its way.

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