HTML5: The Most Important Software Development in the Last Decade?

When you think about breakthrough software, HTML5 might not spring to mind. It’s not as exotic as the World Wide Web, virtual reality headsets and wireless earphones. However, its effect onpopular cultureis arguably greater than VR hardware and iPods as HTML5 helps the internet to reach its full potential. Here’s why.

Eliminates the Need for Flash Player

Flash Player was the traditional technology developers used to create programs that they published on the internet. But there was a huge problem – it wasn’t supported across the Web. Whereas some devices and operating systems embraced it with open arms, others shut it down very quickly. In terms of user accessibility, Flash Player was bad for business as far as the internet was concerned. HTML5 is different because it’s free, integrates seamlessly across devices, and is used by the main web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

As a result, the software essentially lets you participate in any activity online without needing to download additional programs. For instance, streaming movies and TV shows has turned into a popular fixture of most peoples’ lives, including watching content remotely using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Netflix is the king of the sector, generating billions of dollars of revenue monthly, and it relies on its HTML5 Player to enable everyone from Windows to Apple and Google users to tune in regularly. Seeing as Android alone has 2.5 billion active users, HTML5 is a crucial part of the company’s business plan.

Online gambling is another in-demand activity, with the market growing rapidly each year. Today, even the online wagering software sector has a compound annual growth rate of 11.4%, taking its market value to $158 billion by 2028. The interest is down to the number of services operators provide, such as online slot machines and table games like poker and blackjack. A single provider can have thousands in its library. Plus, users can experience authentic services in the form oflive casinoofferings, enhancing the gameplay for players because live casinos recreate the sights and sounds of traditional establishments without the need to leave the house. Of course, all this is only available now because of the introduction of HTML5 technology. It is incredibly fast and can support large file sizes, bringing online casino games to the masses, something that wasn’t possible with Flash Player.

Opened the Path for Apple

In terms of growth and reputation, Apple is at the head of the table. This isn’t only from a smartphone perspective, but a technological one too. Not many brands can boast the figures that Apple can, something that’s highlighted by the fact that the company has 1.65 billionactive devicesin use. If you follow the industry, you will also know that the records have been steadily falling ever since 2020. For example, Apple registered sales of $65 billion during the final quarter of 2020. More people upgrade now than ever before. And the operator has reached $100 billion in quarterly revenue.

All this data suggests that Apple is easily the leading mobile device provider in the world, even if Android does manage to sell more handsets. After all, Google’s operating system covers several huge brands, from Samsung and Huawei to Google itself. However, this might have not been the case if HTML5 wasn’t invented because when Apple released its first products, people disliked how inaccessible they were compared to Androids. Since Flash Player wasn’t compatible with Apple devices, users couldn’t stream movies or play games, two activities that are essential to the average mobile device owner nowadays.

In some ways, Apple has doubled down by positioning itself as a gaming operator thanks to the powerful features the iPhone 13 contains. With an A15 Bionic chip, 3227 mAh battery, and 6.1 inches OLED screen, it’s an excellent choice for people that want to play games on the go, which would have been unthinkable five years ago. Simply put, HTML5 software has enabled the company to widen its reach by transitioning into areas that it couldn’t before the tech was commercialized, making it more appealing to customers worldwide.

HTML5 might not be the most important software development ever, or in the last 10 years, but it deserves a place within the conversation. Propelling streaming and gaming industries while making Apple devices more accessible are achievements that can’t be ignored.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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