How To Play Call of Duty Mobile (COD) Using An Emulator On PC? | User Guide

The groundbreaking Call of Duty Mobile version of the game was provided in Google’s Play Store as early access. Later, the experts believed that the full version of the game minus the beta-testing part will be available as early as October 2019

Moreover, there were speculations that Call of Duty Mobile will also head to the PC Players via the Emulators are it will be a very popular game in the near future. By the looks of it, the dreams of all the gamers are finally true as Tencent Games has reportedly confirmed, the Call of Duty Mobile will not be confined to the Android or iOS devices.

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In addition to this, the developers and publishers are going to make the game available for the PC players. However, the PC players have to use the official emulator, namely Tencent Gaming Buddy to play the game.

The people who want to experience Call of Duty Mobile on their PCs where they would be able to burn their graphics cards to produce a lot of FPS then they have got nothing to worry about. Hello, lovers of Call of Duty, your ultimate destination to learn how to play the latest iteration of CoD Mobile will be taught to you via this post.

Here Is How To Play Call of Duty Mobile On Emulator:

Ways to Download the Call of Duty Mobile and Play the game using the Emulator are provided below:

  • The first step would be to download the GameLoop Emulator.

It is important to note the Tencent Gaming Buddy and Gameloop are identical emulators, so you must not get confused between the two. On the other hand, Gameloop is deemed as the official emulator for the 2019 game, Call of Duty Mobile which is available for iOS and Android devices.

  • Install the emulator as without the emulator the game cannot be played.
  • Find the game namely, “Call of Duty Mobile: on Gameloop Emulator

COD Emulator 1

  • Visit the Game Center and there you can find the banner, namely, Call of Duty Mobile. In case you do not find the game in the first attempt, then kindly scroll down until you find the game.
  • Download and Install Call of Duty Mobile via Gameloop Emulator.

COD Emulator 2

  • Upon completion of the download, open the game and enjoy CoD Mobile on PC.

In case you come across any inconvenience, kindly reach out to us, we’d happy to help!

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