How to Make Quick Money with Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is a popular sport worldwide. Millions of people across the globe love to watch cricket. Also, there are a lot of people who involve themselves in betting. If you are one of them too, there are many platforms that can help you get started, like

Cricket betting requires some prior knowledge, understanding, and skills. Betting, if done successfully, can turn out to be a very profitable fling, though there is always a risk involved.

Let’s discuss the factors that can lead you to bet successfully in a cricket match or throughout an entire series.

How to Make Quick Money with Cricket Betting Tips

  • Pay Attention to Statistics

Before you start betting on a particular match, check out the previous records of the teams going head to head. If possible also check out the past records of the matches held at that very venue. It will give you an idea on which team has better odds of winning.

Go through the statistics, do some honest research. A mindful case study will give you useful clues and a better idea of do’s and don’ts. You can find that a certain team performs well on a certain pitch. Individual player performance records, their techniques also matter.

Research how good or bad their skills had been in previous matches. A statistical report will help you to make smart decisions in betting.

  • Don’t Just Rely on Big Names

Well, as they say, change is the only constant and so does the performance of a team. It is advisable not to rely on big names completely. The standard of performance of an individual player can be different from what you expect and it affects the overall performance of a team.

Look into when and how the match is being played. Keep updated on the physical and mental fitness of players of the team you are betting on.

  • Pitch Report

The pitch can have a huge impact on the sports match. Pitch is more important when the game is cricket. Analyzing a pitch report will give you an estimated breakdown of how things look before a bowler throws a ball. The location and country where the match is being hosted are factors to consider while betting.

On the whole, get to know what kind of pitch the teams will be playing on.

  • Value Matters

As simple as it sounds, take time to look for value because it matters. Many people who are new into betting mistakenly bet solely on their assumption. Without value, the strategy will not go for the long run.

A value bet is where an outcome probability is larger than the bookmaker’s suggestion of price. While opting for value, you look for bets with more chances of success. If this strategy is implemented right, you will get an edge over bookies. This increases your chances of winning.

  • Know the Type

It is so important to understand the game. You must know the format. There are three formats you can bet on, test cricket, twenty20, ODI. The longest format is test cricket. ODI is about 100 over a game that is split into two innings.

When you look forward to betting on any of the above three, observe how the players perform. Take their batting and balling style into account.


These are the few important aspects to focus on while betting. It depends on luck but also some awareness can give a good push to your good luck. Check out the weather on the gala day of the match.

Cricket is among the few games that can be dismissed because of rain. So, who wins the toss is also a matter to consider when you decide which team to bet on. Lastly, try to balance out potential rewards with risk factors. Team winning the toss often choose to bat first if it is their favourite pitch.

We hope our piece of article serves you some better information on things to consider while betting.

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