How To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay | Netizens Trying Hard To Get Tez’s Diwali Stamps

With the arrival of the season of Diwali, the competition among the brands all over the country has increased to such an extent that it is leaving an impact on the market competitiveness.

The comparison is taking place as to which brand attracts the maximum number of customers. Let’s take, for example, Google Pay or Tez. Anyone who is familiar with and regularly uses the digital wallet platform received a message from the google pay app claiming that there were Diwali stamps up for grabs.

Google Pay Diwali Stamps

But first, let’s understand that what are these Diwali stamps? Basically, Google Pay is offering Rs. 251 to anyone who manages to grab all the five stamps, that include a Diya, Jhumka, flower, rangoli, and lantern.

There are two ways in which you can get the stamp – either by scanning festive items or by transferring the amount of more than Rs 33. As expected, this scheme of getting extra 250 bucks had excited every one a lot and people were too desperate to secure as many numbers of stamps as they can.

But one thing is sure that No matter how hard you try, the stamps of rangoli and flower are the rarest of all! In recent times, the words “flower” and “rangoli” began trending on social media, with a large number of people tweeting that they just required these two stamps to win the money but were not successful in doing so. In fact, some went so far as to claim that this was a scam by the google pay app itself.

If you are also the one who is panicking about getting a flower or rangoli Diwali stamp, know that you are not at all alone!!

Naina Mulchandani
Naina Mulchandani
Naina is a graduate from St.Johns Engineering college. She lives in the national capital of India but she is interested in writing about everything that goes on in the country.

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