How To Get Netflix For Only ₹199? | Netflix Mobile Plan

Netflix has got the nerves of the Indian users. It has figured out how to keep a firm hold on its Indian audience. Netflix has found out that India has the largest smartphone users in the world.

How To Get Netflix For Only ₹199? | Netflix Mobile Plan

There were several rumors in the tech world that Netflix is planning to launch a 250 rs mobile plan for Indian users. It did live up to the expectations, Netflix launched a rs 199 plan in India. India is the only country where this plan is unveiled which gives a hint on the mindset of the company to capture the Indian audience at large.

This plan will support SD streaming. This plan is under testing phase in several other countries, and India is the first country to get this plan.

How to activate this 199 plan?

How To Get Netflix For Only ₹199? | Netflix Mobile Plan

  • Open the Netflix app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • There you will find the option of 30 days of free trial. Click that option.
    In the plans section, you need to select Mobile Plan option.
  • Create an account for yourself, by filling the mandatory details.
  • Add the payment details of yours.
  • In case you don’t want to continue after the 30 days free trial you can opt-out of it without paying a single penny.

Will the Mobile-only plan prove to be a game-changer for Netflix in India?

We have to admit that Netflix is still trying to find its space in the Indian market. In India Hotstar is leading the race by quite some margin, it has 300 million subscribers. Followed by Amazon Prime with 12 million. Netflix is lagging behind with 11 million subscribers.

The reason behind this is the cheap plans of Amazon and Hotstar. Following their footprints, Netflix has also made some serious decline in their monthly subscription rates.

This will surely help Netflix to add to its subscribers base.

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