How to define a pirate casino?

The diverse gambling market in Poland offers devoted players a wide range of exciting casino games that have become a popular pastime activity in this country. Game providers keep surprising the audience with their high-quality products by implementing new modern technologies.

More and more people show interest in starting their gambling experience, which is not a surprise because there are many reasons for the rising popularity of online casinos. First, people get attracted by generous promotions; many casinos build items like “kasyno bonus bez depozytu” on their websites and other perks for both new and experienced players. Most people also see gambling as a way to prove their worth and develop valuable skills like enhancing learning activity, improving mathematical and judgment skills, and learning discipline.

But people say: “There can be no good without evil”, and game piracy also affected the Polish gambling industry. It is a topical issue because many people run into copied versions of casino games. These versions of favorite casino games might be infected with malware, spyware, bugs, and viruses, which seriously threaten gamblers’ safety and security. For this reason, most gaming companies take all necessary measures to prevent pirate casinos from spreading and employ methods to validate their products.

The ways to spot fake online casino games?

Gamblers, for their part, should educate themselves about how to distinguish pirate casinos from authorized games. So, nowadays, it is crucially important to know ways not to fall into the trap and choose only the best options. There are the sure-fire ways and signs to define a pirate casino:

  1. Checking the URL. The fake casino always has a fake domain with a difference in a few letters. So, compare the domain to other casinos to make sure that they align.
  2. Visual tell-tale signs. Some differences will be obvious to the naked eye. You can see slightly altered graphics and different sounds. As a rule, the quality of graphics, translation, and musical accompaniment is low in pirate versions. The packaging of pirated copies is poor, if not absent at all.
  3. No customer support and updates. Gamblers won’t be able to enjoy new regular promotions, and bonuses, offered by official casino platforms. Gamblers that play unauthorized casino games are deprived of the means to connect with customer support workers.
  4. Checking the server connections. Making the request will cause check connectivity issues.

The gaming software developers distribute their products by giving the platform a right for owning their productions. Only after this step casino operators publish the games from different casino providers on their platforms. So, in any case, certain casino game remains linked to their developers. In short, one particular casino game is registered on the server of the casino provider and the official casino game verifies that the user is logged in from time to time. In the case of a pirate casino, connecting to the official server would be impossible to make in most cases.

The ways to avoid the risks of pirated versions

  • Use only the official developer website to play casino games.
  • Check the security settings of the gaming platform. Don’t follow the links from a suspicious email.
  • Download a special anti-malware software. It will always notify you about possible risks.


Unfortunately, some not respectable people are trying to bypass the copyright law by copying and distributing casino game software. The grey gambling market in Poland is expanding, but there are ways to protect players from unpleasant consequences.

It is not only a violation of the law and copyright infringement but also leads to infecting your devices with a trojan, adware, and other malware. The ways of pirate copy detection mentioned in this article will help you stay safe and secure. Choosing a trusted, reputable and licensed casino is the only way to get the best gambling experience, enjoy the exciting games and dive into the wonderful gaming world.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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