How to Decide Which Online Slot to Play

Millions of people play online slots each day and these games are the most popular at online casinos. As slots become more popular, many people are newcomers to these games and don’t know how to measure the likelihood of a slot paying out. One way to know which slot game to play is to decide how likely you are to win. 

Colorful, exciting, and available in many styles, online slots are the video games of the casino realm. Many leading online casinos, like NetBet casino, have hundreds of online slots available. Customers value the choice and can try many games in one place. However, how do you decide which online slot to play?

There are several factors to consider, such as visual quality, storylines, bonus games, and jackpot size. However, perhaps the most important measurement of a good online slot is its variance. Specifically, knowing the difference between high variance and low variance. 

A variance of an online slot explains how often you are likely to win at the game. In other words, how often the slot triggers winning combinations. There are benefits to both high variance and low variance:

High Variance

High variance online slot games are preferred by experienced players who are high rollers when gambling. In its simplest explanation, a high variance game won’t trigger wins often but when it does it will pay out larger amounts of money. 

One of the problems with high variance games is you can go for hours without triggering a win. This can make slot games with high variance boring. Developers have tried to overcome this by making blockbuster games with stunning visuals and storylines. However, if you play a high variance slot you must be prepared to be stuck on the base game for hours. 

For high rollers, the tedious nature of high variance games is worth it, as is the added expense of playing so many spins. That’s because when these games finally do payout, the rewards a typically high. 

Low Variance

Low variance online slot games are a good choice for newcomers, people playing for fun, or those without a large bankroll. Slot games with low variance will pay out much more frequently but will not trigger big money wins often. In other words, you will win a lot of times but not a lot of money. 

If you’re seeking excitement, low variance slots are the place to be. Because wins land often, you spend a lot of time on bonus features and triggering wins. You probably won’t make a profit, but you can build wins every 3-5 spins. 

When playing low variance games, it’s not uncommon to end a play session with the same amount of money as when you started. 

Which to Choose?

Which slot game you choose will depend on what type of player you are. If you’re seeking big wins and nothing more, you should opt for a high variance online slot. If you just want some fun and to play slot bonus games, low variance games are more appropriate. Of course, you could hedge your bets both ways and choose a medium variance slot that combines big money payouts with more frequent wins. 


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