How to Access the Best That the Internet Has to Offer

As the vast majority of entertainment, both mainstream and underground, has migrated online in recent years, the way in which we access content has undergone a radical change. Apps for smart phones, tablets and computers have flooded the market, offering streaming content in video, audio and text format all at the press of a button. 4G and now 5G technology means that you can even access your favourite TV show, podcast, blog or game from wherever you are – at home, on the go or in the workplace. Gone are the days of terrestrial television and radio broadcasts; instead, customers are treated to a broader catalogue of entertainment options, imported from all over the world.

Due to different copyright and data protection legislation, however, it is not always possible to access everything from everywhere. For example, UK productions such as Adult Life Skills are currently only available on Netflix UK and likewise with other local productions. In the gaming world, whereas pachinko, the lottery and sports betting are popular online pastimes in Japan, poker and other table games are not due to the country’s laws around gambling.

So, how can you be sure that you are sampling the full range of entertainment that the internet has to offer? If you’re confused by regional restrictions, then this guide explains how to access what’s available in your corner of the world.

Go Straight to the Source

Of course, the best way to find out what is available in your region is simply to use one of the streaming platforms or other entertainment services from your home computer and see what they have to offer. With  a website like YouTube, it will be immediately obvious if a video is blocked in your region because the video will not load; instead you will see a message reading ‘This video is not available in your country.’ With services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you won’t even know what you’re missing out on, as the page will only show you what is currently available to you in your present location.

For most people, accessing content in this way will provide enough satisfaction. Even if you are based in a country that has less available options on one service, the chances are that another service will make up for it by providing exclusive alternatives. Bigger platforms are more likely to take a global approach now, anyway, showcasing content from several different countries across the world rather than only showing local productions.

Check Out a Specialized Guide

If you’d prefer a little more guidance and direction when looking for the next podcast to listen to, game to play or movie to watch, then are plenty of guides out there to help you with your quest. They can help to bring the global entertainment industry down to a local scale and assist you in navigating the world wide web from your specific region.

Companies like Finder offer comparison services, helping you to find the best product for your needs whether that be a broadband provider, type of cryptocurrency or business software. However, they can also help you to choose the best streaming service for your area. It’s a really handy way to see all the different benefits and restrictions of each platform in one place. The same is true of sites like Asia Bet where you can enjoy local insight on online gambling tailored to your part of the world. They offer dependable advice around important topics like online payment methods, customer services and the variety of game selections. Using a guide like these gives you a head start when identifying the very best content accessible to you.

Use a Workaround

In some instances, there will be a piece of media that remains unavailable in your country and you feel that you simply must see it, listen to it or play it. In this case, there are some options left open to you. You can use a VPN or proxy to bypass any geo-restrictions and trick the provider into thinking that you are logging in from a different location. Although this is, technically, legal in most places, it is frowned upon and goes against the terms of use for many entertainment platforms. In fact, it could even generate an on-screen message asking you to disable your VPN or proxy, so it might be best to stick to what is freely available for now.

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