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How technology leads us into imagination

Humankind evolves continuously. There is no stopping for this evolution as it is seen nowadays.  It is known that in history there were a lot of people that had visions of the future. For example, Jules Verne wrote science fiction, his books were out this realm. But even though at that time his writings were fiction, a lot of the machineries described in the books, exist in our present. How did the French novelist know how to describe them in the late 1800s? Another visionary was Isaac Asimov. He was way ahead of his time, writing about space and he also did this in the middle 1900s. These were times when imagination was leading into technology and it was magnificent.  Technology offers freedom. Using technology unburdens us. Looking at all kinds of industries, it is clear that tasks are easier now. Technology gave us a hand in automating jobs and giving people space to use their imagination to do other stuff.

One so-called disadvantage would be people losing their jobs, but it’s not the case. Because people don’t need to do difficult, hard-working tasks. People should do what they are good at and that is inventing. We have a special gift from mother nature and that is our conscious mind. We have the ability of creating all sorts of tools and technology is the outcome of all those designed and redesigned existing tools. All the gadgets made for bringing ease in our lives open different doors, doors to evolution. Human race is pruned to improvement and humans are problem solvers by nature. The purpose is not creating tools; the goal is finding solutions. One problem the world experienced not so long ago was communication. Communication means connection and people need to be connected. People used letters to communicate, then there were phones and after that there were mobile phones and internet. The first step to the accelerated pace towards future has been made.

The internet connects anybody, anywhere, anytime. It is like the system trees use in a forest through their roots. Being so connected, people can gather loads of information and this is another way our exponential growth carries on. As it was mentioned before, all hard tasks have been automated and people have more time. Using all the information and all the remaining time people started to evolve from a spiritual point of view.  People understand more and more what they need to have a qualitative life and it is great because knowing what is needed, the technology can evolve in the right direction. There is a balance that needs to be maintained for a healthy future. Evolving technology sails us towards a mental activity. On the internet can be found all sorts of services related to creativity and imagination. For example, you have Pro-Papers, an essay paper writing service, where people blast their imagination to help others in pursuing their goals. You have artists that can instantly share their beautiful work and connect it with millions. You have tons of apps created from scratch and the creators can see their dreams come true. 

Embracing the advancement of science can lead to unknown outcomes. Everything is a remix, but the final result is something new. Graphic designers and animators are the ones that serve the society with all kinds of creations. Using their skills and tech tools can offer access to unique content to develop our imagination and creativity. Music is easy to be created by anybody nowadays and can be shared amongst peers and the beautiful part is that it is enhancing the artists’ creativity. Writers have access to technology too and eBooks can be created, being easy to serve beautiful content all over the world in no time. 

Medical technology progressed and people with disabilities have a chance to live a normal life and participate actively in today’s world. Think of Stephen Hawking, without any machines he could never have the chance to enlighten the world with his genius.

Tech universities have the best of it. There, students have the possibility to play with gadgets and use their minds to create new tools and find all sorts of solutions. Thanks to the internet, people have access to information and information is power. People have the power to express themselves in anyway they see fit to collaborate toward a better future. Even the smallest things like a bad review to a restaurant gives the power to the people to make sure the big companies can change their ways. 

It can be said that technology has been built by people’s imagination, but in the end technology and new gadgets existing today assist creative people into generating even more advanced tools for future generations to follow. 



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