How Prince William Is Stepping Up For The Entire Royal Family

How Prince William Is Stepping Up For The Entire Royal Family

There’s only one senior royal who’s more popular than Prince William, and that’s Queen Elizabeth II herself. According to a YouGov poll, Queen Elizabeth’s popularity at the end of April was a solid 85%, while 80% of the polled citizens approved of her grandson William. Interestingly, the public was also asked whether Charles or William should succeed the throne. The results showed that 37% of people believed that Charles should inherit the throne, while 34% thought that Wills was the man for the job. It seems as if the country may be split on who should wear the crown.

Royal author Robert Lacey revealed that Wills has been in the spotlight, especially because his uncle and father have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Prince Andrew is under intense scrutiny as he faces a lawsuit, while Prince Charles is also receiving bad press due to his charity being investigated for the cash-for-honors scandal. Lacey told People, “Following the April death of Grandpa [Prince] Philip, William has stepped up to become one of the top three family figures, adding the ginger of youth to royal strategy.” The historian quoted the above-mentioned stats, saying, “The British throne has survived beheading, exile and enough scandal to stock entire libraries. Now a new leader — William, not Charles — is paving the way forward.” 

Although we can’t predict who will ascend the throne, it seems that until then, William has every intention of being the best dad and husband.


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