How NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Became An Actor By Accident

How NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Became An Actor By Accident

Pauley Perrette’s success in show business might make it seem like she was always meant to be an actor. However, the star had a very different career in mind when she accidentally fell into acting. “I started my master’s degree,” Perrette told in April 2007. While you might assume that degree was related to acting, film, or maybe even theater, she wasn’t studying anything in that area … at all. Instead, she noted that during her undergrad work, she “studied sociology, psychology, and criminal science.” That sounds more like the background of a character that she would play onscreen than the real-life education of an actor.

On top of that, Perrette added that she was in the process of taking her studies even further. “I started my master’s degree in criminal science,” she explained. However, she also admitted that she “was broke” at the time, so had a job as a bartender. It was at that job that she met a director who put her “fifteen [of his projects] back to back … everything from commercials, music videos to short films. Then, suddenly I was in this business.”

Saying she “never got to finish” her master’s degree but that she’d “still like to,” the “NCIS” star explained that her schedule got too busy thanks to the fact that she was offered so many gigs. That includes roles on some of your favorite shows and one particularly beloved movie.


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