How Much Money Did Donald Trump’s First Wife Get In Their Divorce?

How Much Money Did Donald Trump's First Wife Get In Their Divorce?

As the New York Daily News reported, Ivana Trump claimed that her husband’s fortune had been undervalued in December 1987, when they last amended the agreement. So, when the details of Donald Trump’s affair with Marla Maples came to light in 1990, Ivana sought to nullify the prenuptial agreement she had signed upon marrying the real estate heir, The New York Times. As legal docs tend to be, prenups are hard to fight, but she had a few reasons to try. First off, if she could prove that Maples was already in Donald’s life before 1987, she would have a legal reason to contest it, as Vanity Fair explained in 1990.

Secondly, Donald was already on the brink of financial collapse by that time, and she would wind up being one of his creditors if he were to file for personal bankruptcy, according to The New York Times. Ivana also said Donald, without her knowledge, added a clause stating she should return any gifts she had received from her ex-husband during their time together. She got that one removed, per the New York Daily News.

But fighting all the other clauses proved trickier. “The prenuptial agreement is airtight,” Donald told People then. And Donald was right. In the end, Ivana ended up with exactly what was on the prenup: $14 million plus an annual $650,000 in child support and some property, according to The New York Times.


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