How Many Tattoos Does Angelina Jolie Really Have?

How Many Tattoos Does Angelina Jolie Really Have?

In keeping with her enigmatic persona, Angelina Jolie’s total number of tattoos is somewhat of a mystery. Sources report anything from 17 to 25, though the real number could be much higher if she has any hidden ink. Adding to the confusion is the fact that she has had some tattoos removed (via Glamour), like the name of her former husband Billy Bob Thornton on her upper bicep.

Still, the tattoos we do know about tell a beautiful story of the complex actor’s eventful life. Her most famous piece is perhaps the row of lines on her left arm — coordinates representing the birthplace of each of her six children, as well that of now-ex Brad Pitt. Jolie’s other tattoos similarly hold deep meaning to her, including a sacred Sak Yant design, a Latin phrase translating to “What nourishes me destroys me,” and a Tennessee Williams quote she got while spending time with her late mother (via Wild Tattoo Art).

But, if you think you now have a good grasp on Jolie’s tattoo total think again. The “Hackers” star recently added another one to her collection — and this one might have a pretty pointed meaning.


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