How Ice-T Really Feels About His Haters

How Ice-T Really Feels About His Haters

It’s hard to believe Ice-T has been playing detective Fin Tutuola for 23 seasons on “Law & Order: SVU,” and he reflected on the show’s historic run on the September 30 episode of “The View.”

When co-host Joy Behar asked him if he could believe a self-described career criminal would spend 23 seasons playing a cop, Ice-T smiled and took it all in. “I’m the longest-running black actor on television, and I want to continue the streak, and I guess the longest-running career criminal, too,” he said. “My first acting role was playing a cop in ‘New Jack City,’ so I had to get over that hump. Then I realized that people accept acting is acting. When I got the chance to do ‘Law & Order,’ I was only supposed to be on there four episodes for this test, and here I am 23 years later.”

He also went on to mention that “cops and criminals are very similar.” “Acting like a cop or acting like a gangster is the exact same acting,” he explained. “They both have guns, they both want answers in their beat, some type of consequence if they don’t.”


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