How can people participate in BB13 / Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Caller of the Week?

Bigg Boss 13 or Bigg Boss season 13 has begun with a massive bang. In addition to this, the grand premiere of Bigg Boss 13 has been a significant hit among the fans due to Salman Khan. Bhai Haan aka Salman Khan has introduced the contestants of the show to the audience. Later on, the contestants were also given the tasks. The house of Bigg Boss 13 is significant and better as compared to its predecessors. Nevertheless, fighting as well as the controversies of the show began from the first day itself.

What is the entirety of Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Caller of the Week?

The fans of Bigg Boss can rejoice as there is a launch of a brand new contest in Bigg Boss 13. Moreover, the winner of the contest will have a rare chance of speaking to Salman Khan. On the other hand, the procedure of participating in Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Caller of the Week is utterly simple.

How can people participate in a unique contest?


1 – Visit the website of the contest –

2 – Choose the name of the favorite contestant or select their photograph.

3 – Insert the full email id, name, and mobile number.

4 – Then the participants have to enter the question that they want to ask their favorite contestants of Bigg Boss 13.

5 – Click on the submit button and then submit the question that they need to ask.

6 – The selected question will be intimated if it would be selected as the winning question.

**The contestants have to be Indian nationals to take part in the contest. Moreover, the contestants must be residing across India, the NRIs are barred from participating in the contest.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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