History of volleyball at the Olympics

The Summer Olympics have some excellent sports disciplines. 1xBet offers a really useful app for any sports betting enthusiast, which can be used on all disciplines that are part of this event. Of course, volleyball is part of this major sporting event as well.

Volleyball was officially played for the first time in the Summer Olympics in 1964. However, the first time that the sport was related to the event was in 1924. In the Summer Olympics of that year, which were celebrated in Paris, the Americans played it as a demonstration. However, there was no rush in adding it to the list of disciplines featured in the Games. Right now a really useful application for the mobile gadget of any sports betting enthusiast is available on 1xBet, which can be used to bet on volleyball.

History of volleyball at the Olympics

Almost being dropped

Volleyball proved to be extremely popular during the 1964 Olympics. However, the International Olympic Committee didn’t seem to like the discipline too much, this is because it was almost removed from the 1968 Games. Some energetic protests prevented this action from taking place. The best live sports betting odds are available on 1xBet, where Olympic volleyball is also available.

Yet, the sport also risked being removed from the games in subsequent years. This was because in the 1968 games, the sport was played in a round-robin system, which didn’t attract too much attention from fans. If you want to wager on this discipline you can take advantage of great betting odds on all live sports on 1xBet, which feature dozens of matches.

This lack of interest forced a change in the format of the competition. From the 1972 Games onwards, a knockout stage was introduced, which had semi-finals and also a final match.

Successful teams

There are 11 nations that have won at least one gold medal in either male or female Olympic volleyball. If you like this sport, you can watch a volleyball match live stream now on 1xBet, which also has the Olympics whenever they are played.

The most successful countries in the Summer Olympics in this discipline include:

  • the Soviet Union
  • Brazil
  • the United States
  • Japan
  • China

The Brazilians and Soviets have been equally successful in male and female volleyball. On the other hand, the United States has been much more successful in the men’s sport, with three gold medals in total versus one in the female variation.

By contrast, China has won three Olympic golds in volleyball, and all of them have been contributed by their female team. A great live stream of any volleyball match can be watched from the 1xBet online bookmaker, where punters can also wager while following.

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