High-Rise Invasion Season 2 at Netflix: Release Date and Renewal Status

High-Rise Invasion season two is all set to head to Netflix after an exciting and successful first season. For quite some time now, the fans have been waiting for the arrival of the second season. The horror-mystery acclaimed Japanese anime chronology is based on the manga by Tsunia Miura. Moreover, High-Rise Invasion did become a completely original Japanese anime series will be arriving on the streaming giant in 2021. The production of the anime series was reportedly handled by the studio, which has made a name for itself to bring anime like Grand Blue, Dive!!, and My Roommate is a Cat, namely Zero-G.

High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Renewal Status

The first season of High-Rise Invasion was released on Netflix only a week ago. As the series is available on Netflix for around a week, it is exponentially early to expect Netflix to announce the anime’s renewal. Moreover, it might take almost a month or a quarter to know if High-Rise Invasion would return for a second season.

High-Rise Invasion Season 2

There is one aspect that is going to aid the series to get a renewal. Netflix has made the series have authentic Japanese audio making the series come into the Top-10 list. By the looks of it, the series did debut into the list at 8th position; however, in no time series reached to number 4 position. Moreover, the anime has made it into the top-10 list for nine different countries.

So far on High-Rise Invasion Season 1

Yuri was able to survive a handful of close calls by entering the realm of High-Rise. Further, Yuri confided in a friend named Mayujo, who is a high-schooler who wields knives. Yuri’s only goal is to reunite with Rika, her brother, even while defeating several mask weavers. Further, she meets with many others who have been trapped in the other realm.

However, the reality is that Yuki’s sibling, who she is looking for to unite with, is a prisoner of the most influential adversary Mamoru Aikawa. Aikawa has the ability that allows him to control masks; further, Aikawa also manipulated Great Angel that made Angel attack Yuri and the people she befriended. Additionally, it also resulted in the untimely death of both Swimmer Mask and Kuzuma Aohrara.

High-Rise Invasion Second Season: What to expect from the forthcoming season?

The most important thing that season two will focus on is reuniting the beloved siblings. Yuri’s brother Rica is currently in a challenging position. He is guarded via a powerful mask and is entirely up to both Yuro and her newly found friends to defeating the most-potent God candidate in the series.

As the series extends its premise, it will introduce many other god candidates who can further wield the entire ability for controlling around users of 30 masks. Yuri is also on the path of becoming a great use of the Great Angel Mask.

The manga has already published 258 chapters, whereas the anime has already finished 149 chapters.

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