Here’s Why Scorpion Season 5 Might Not Survive To See The Light Of Day

The action-packed crime American drama Scorpion has been made for network CBS by Nick Santora. The producers for the show comprised Marco Black, Kevin J. Hynes, Clayton Townsend, Agatha Aro Warren, Adam Higgs, Scott Manson, Troy Craig Poon, Don Tardino, and Rob Pearlstein. Initially, it was supposed to be the variation, but on a dramatic note, of the popular comedy series The Big Bang Theory.

Here's Why Scorpion Season 5 Might Not Survive To See The Light Of Day

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show holds a rating of 42% based on the reviews of 48 people, while Metacritic has given it a 48/100 score based on 24 critics. But what is it with the fifth season of the show? Will it ever be out? Or will it be gone forever post-four season? To find out, keep yourself glued to the article!

What is the Show Scorpion All About?

The first season of the show Scorpion aired in September 2014 on CBS. The story had a bunch of people that were either mathematicians, engineers, or hackers. The crime drama had an impressive cast comprising Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye, and Jadyn Wong Thomas.

The story actually revolved around the protagonist, essayed by Elyes Gabel, who tries to solve crime cases worldwide and eventually save people’s lives. The story is based on the life of the show’s executive producer, Walter O’Brien, who happens to be a computer expert.

Is Scorpion Not Happening After Season 4?

From the very beginning, Scorpion had a shaky start and had to maintain itself fairly well for the four seasons. It was taken a good crime show by the viewers when it started to telecast. The poor reviews and viewership began after season 2. The low ratings became the reason that CBS never took the show post-season 4. Almost four years ago, we were able to last witness the team fighting crime and saving people’s lives.

But like any other show, Scorpion did have its fanbase, to whom the cancellation of season 5 was disheartening news. So much so that they even tried the petition for its renewal but got no response. Even the cast members were sad by the show’s termination so suddenly and said heartfelt goodbyes to the fans and other members.

Will, there be Season 5 of Scorpion, or We Won’t be able to See it Again?

The previous fourth season of Scorpion was released back 4 years ago in 2017. The season gained poor viewership compared to the other shows that aired on CBS at the same time. Thus, owing to all this, the network never spoke about renewing the series for the fifth installment, and till date, there haven’t been any further updates too.

But let’s not forget that famous streaming giant Netflix owns the popularity to bring back the long-lost series, and you never know when Scorpion hits them, and they plan to renew it for season5. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that! But till then, the 5th edition of the show remains canceled and won’t be happening any time soon.


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