Here’s What Students Think About their Residential School Journey

If you’ve watched movies like 3 Idiots and Chhichhore, you might have a fair idea of what life in residential schools look like from the outside world. But in most cases, the concept of boarding schools has been misrepresented by mainstream media, perpetuating this idea that it’s full of bullying, neglectful or strict teachers, and rigid rules. 

In reality, residential schools are a platform for students to enjoy a productive educational experience and provides a social setup to develop students into well-rounded individuals. Reputable schools such as Genesis Global School provides modern facilities like air-conditioned residences for students along with ecstatic sporting and cultural engagements throughout the year. Residential schools give way to a lifetime of friendships and years of learning. 

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As a parent, if you are still struggling to decide whether to enroll your child into residential schools or not, let’s take a look at what some residential school students have shared about their experience:

  • Access to a Range of Modern Facilities

Living and learning in residential schools allow students to make use of their free time and turn it into a productive activity. Students, when asked about how they utilize their time after classes said that unlike at home, they get to explore different hobbies and sports when they are at their residential schools. The faculty motivates students to participate in various co-curricular as well as sports activities to groom and bring out the true potential in every student. 

Residential schools are facilitated with world-class indoor courts, recreation centers and swimming pools to give students the required exposure. Students feel that they manage their time better at their in residential schools as they can effectively allocate hours for studying and other activities. For those who are curious and love to read also get a quiet space such as reading rooms to study peacefully and get 24×7 guidance in case of any doubts.   

  • The Perfect Environment for Personal Growth

Students residing in boarding schools feel that they are in an ideal environment to grow and become self-reliant. There is no denying the fact that it is challenging to step out of home for the first time. However, once students become comfortable and used to the lifestyle of residential schools, they begin to cherish the challenges. Students confess that the one thing they absolutely love about life in residential schools is the diversity and cultural mix of fellow students. 

They get a chance to communicate with like-minded individuals and share their interests which results in a cordial environment that motivates them to do better. Students feel that being among same-age peers drives them to practice healthy competition as well as handle constructive criticism to improve themselves. 

  • Prepares Them for Life after School

While the educational experience delivered by the residential schools is essential for personal growth and development, it’s also helpful  to prepare for life ahead of school. Residential school students say that they feel more prepared for their future in college and university compared to regular school students. They get the right exposure to build confidence and advance to more prominent roles in their careers and communities. 

Being away from home challenges students to become independent and learn how to be accountable towards ones’ own actions. Students learn how to cope with life – with its high and low points. Within a community of peers who are going through the same things, they feel more accepted and free. 

Residential Schools: The Pathway to Resilience

Students overcome their initial discomfort and become more adaptable to transition when they complete their education from residential schools. It is an excellent way to prepare your children for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life while being in a home-like safe and supportive environment. 

So, make the right choice for your child and make his growing years count. 

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