Here’s What Maria Bello From NCIS Is Doing Now

Here's What Maria Bello From NCIS Is Doing Now

After leaving “NCIS,” Maria Bello has taken on new professional challenges while spending time with her fiancee, Dominque Crenn. On the career front, Bello is producing the upcoming movie “The Woman King,” about the fall of the African kingdom of Dahomey, which was annexed by France. The film is currently in pre-production and stars the fabulous Viola Davis. 

With Bello’s extensive television experience, along with critical raves for her work in “Thank You for Smoking,” “Coyote Ugly,” and “A History of Violence,” she’ll likely have no problem picking up another acting gig when she finishes “The Woman King.” But her personal life appears to have taken center stage after her “NCIS” exit.

Crenn is the first and only woman chef in the United States to get three Michelin stars, per Vogue UK. The chef told the outlet in December 2020 that her cancer was in remission. And from Bello’s social media posts, it appears she and Crenn have been traveling in 2021, focusing on time together and with family. In March, on International Women’s Day, Bello posted an Instagram photo with Crenn, writing in her caption, “We will not know our full power until we know our full history. @lolosilvera @dominiquecrenn and I are making it our mission to bring you stories of the women who have impacted our world and the women who are impacting it today.” It appears the former “NCIS” star has a new activism project brewing!


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