Here’s What Kenya Moore Looks Like Without Makeup

Here's What Kenya Moore Looks Like Without Makeup

Kenya Moore looks as gorgeous in this makeup-free selfie as she did when she first won Miss USA in 1993. 

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Kenya revealed her secret for staying so fresh and youthful throughout the years: Hydration! “To start with, obviously hydration — it’s really important during this time to stay hydrated and healthy.” Kenya mentions she drinks a large amount of water to keep her skin bouncy and to flush out harmful toxins. “So I think just keeping your skin hydrated, working out and trying to try to eat as healthy as you possibly can… but hydration, I would say, is number one.”

But many plastic surgeons and dermatological medical professionals, like celebrity cosmetics injector and physician’s assistant Heather Rohrer, are saying don’t believe the hype — stars usually get some enhancements to make their skin appear so flawless. Rohrer speculated to The Blast that “at almost 50 years old, Kenya Moore is age-defying with a little help of cosmetic injectables.”

Rohrer also analyzed what cosmetic up-keep Moore might have. “Botox appears to be her go-to. Her forehead and around her eyes are flawless, with no wrinkles. She also appears to have been refreshed and lifted with a hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm Voluma in the cheeks,” Rohrer surmised. “Her smiles lines are less prominent too. Juvederm Vollure into her smile lines would give her that natural youthful appearance she is sporting at this moment.”


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