Here’s How a Location Tracker Can Help Your Child in an Emergency

Of all the reasons why you need a location tracker, perhaps the most critical is to keep your family safe. When it concerns your kids, you never hesitate to take any extra steps to ensure their safety. One device that can keep your child safe on the road is a location tracker that comes with advanced features.

To provide your child with an extensive security cover, you should look for a comprehensive location tracking device. One such location tracker is KENT CamEye that comes with a built-in dash cam along with several other high-end features. With this device fitted in your child’s car, you can rest assured of their safety. 

Here are a few advantages of installing a location tracker with a dash cam in your child’s car: 

  • Watch Your Child’s Driving Behaviour

Children like to cruise their cars on the roads when they are young. They may neglect the speed limit or the traffic rules along with their safety in doing so. It is where this dash cam with location tracker, comes into play. 

Installing a car camera in their vehicle will help you stay informed about their driving behavior as you will receive AI-Based alerts on your smartphone. You can set a speed limit on the tracker’s app, and in case your child exceeds the set parameter, you will get a real-time alert on your smartphone.

This tracker can help you monitor the inside and outside of the car with its dual-camera feature. This way, you can prevent your child from indulging in unsafe driving practices. 

  • Send an Emergency Vehicle 

If your child’s car breaks down in an isolated place, you will be able to find the exact GPS location of the car with the help of this device. This way, you can provide instant assistance to your child.

  1. Crossing the boundary

You can set the GEO fence limit in the tracker’s app. If your child takes the car outside the geo-fence location, the device will send alerts to inform you about the same. In such a case, you can keep track of your child and the car, and get in touch with them to ensure their safety. 

  1. Live-Streaming & Two-Way Calling

Very few location trackers provide live video streaming, and KENT CamEye is one of them. You will be able to live-stream the inside and outside view of the car to find out its condition as well as that of your child when out on the road. Further, you can place a two-way call to get in touch and guide them. In case of any emergency, you will able to get precise information and connect with them on time to offer support, if required. 

It can sometimes be challenging to keep a check on your teen’s safety. However, modern devices have made the job easier for you. In today’s time, a location tracker with an inbuilt dash cam has become a vital safety aid. KENT CamEye is a one-of-its-kind dash cam that provides benefits over and above a regular GPS tracking device.

It comes with a pre-installed 4G sim that keeps the system connected to the internet at all times and allows you to access cloud storage data. Simple to install and use, you can buy this dashcam easily from Official Online Store. Book a demo and buy it right away to keep your children safe on the road. 

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