Helicopter parents – a lot of backbiting, but the concept works

there Are the so-called helicopter parenting is a new phenomenon and why parents prefer an education form that is at once challenging and patronising?

Dr. Matthias Doepke, Professor of Economics, and Dr. Fabrizio Zilibotti of the Yale University wondered. The impetus for their research Doepkes knowledge itself was to be a helicopter dad. “My parents expected that we show up to eat, go to school and before dark at home, but otherwise, we had a lot of freedom,” says Doepke. “The reality of today is that my role as a parent is much more intense. I spend a lot of time with education, just like most other American parents today.”

the pressure on children to grow, parents try their talent in the best way possible prepare them for life and Rob you of free space that was earlier of course. However, the future opportunities of the Kids, then the helicopter parenting works. This is the core thesis of your book “Love, Money and Parenting: How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids.” In the title, it is clear that it is not a book about feel-good pedagogy. Because money and Economics are at least equal to love.

There is a lot of criticism of a style of parenting in which the parents organize the Growing up of their children, such as a management task. Also open resentment. About mothers driving their children in the giant-SUV to school. These critics assume that the dominance of the parents will lead to defiant and spoiled children, which it is later difficult to survive without parents independently in life.

money and education

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Gernot Kramper

Doepke and Zilibotti investigated these assumptions and have found the opposite. Helicopter parenting works. This determined and energetic view of Childhood and education, therefore the children life long advantages, especially when it comes to educational opportunities and vocational. For their study, the two examined the performance tests of 15-Year-olds around the world. Then the results were compared with Reports of parents and young people, how they deal with each other. An “intensive” education leads to a better performance of the children, if the parents of the same social group belong to.


The Serious side of life begins today in the children’s room.


The most effective parents are the most “authoritative”, but not a dictator procedure table. The word creation does not mean the following: These parents commands, you convince your children to do the things that are good for you. It was a mistake, the helicopter-style paternalism equate, according to the authors. However, there may be Between the energetic and well-educated parents and their children because of the different skills, not really discussion – before the authors turn a blind eye. They believe that parents promote adaptability, problem-solving and independence – has, however, in an atmosphere in which performance is a high priority.

data from the U.S. won more conclusions: Authoritative helicopter parents are particularly good at it, to ensure that your children achieved University degrees. This is the key to a profitable future. The dominant, but the argumentative style of parenting seems to make the dreams of U.S. parents come true. It is less likely that these children take drugs, smoke or drink alcohol. On top of that, you have to wait longer with the Sex, and if you use condoms.

wealth Trend

the super disguise themselves as hard work makes the end of the middle class

a Lot of money today a bad Conscience. A researcher found out now to be the Tricks that the Rich tell, actually quite normal. And how do you hide your money in front of the neighbors.

Gernot Kramper, The carefree ‘ 70s are over,

Why, you leave children to themselves? Fabrizio Zilibotti said to “The Atlantic” that the economic conditions have a great influence on how parents raise their children. In the United States, the number of hours that parents spend had increased to monitor the activities of your children dramatically.

book “Achtung Baby”

“Let the kids fight with each other!” America is arguing about German education

“This Trend is particularly pronounced in countries where economic inequality has grown most, and in General, we see more of what is become to as helicopter parenting known.” The reason is quite simple: “parents want their children do well in life and be successful. And in a society that is very unequal, have more parents fear that their children will be carriers of power.”

the situation is Different in countries where there is little inequality. Parents do not need to be so worried, because the children can’t crash too much.” The parents, other things were important, said Zilibotti. About their children to be happy, or that they can Express their individuality. But these things would be sacrificed, as soon as danger to the Ideal of “service provider” would be.

continuation of the marriage behavior

Ultimately, the study of helicopter parents is not surprising. Your results connect to studies on marriage behavior. Earlier the marriage was over layer boundaries, the most powerful engine of social advancement. Meanwhile, this Elevator is. Wealthy academics to marry their same – so that the upper layers from the Scots massively down. In the USA, as in Germany, the social rise by the change in marriage behavior is now virtually come to a standstill.

In the helicopter-style of these Power couples have found, apparently, their Form of education. So the children of the have nothing will have parents to depend on. Doepke and Zilibotti believe that this effect is in the long term, widen the gap between rich and Poor.

sources: a PDF Version of “Love, Money, and Parenting. How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids. Matthias Doepke and Fabrizio Zilibotti”

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