Heavy Rain In Rajasthan Leads To Flood-Like Situation throughout the state

Those days seem to be of remote past when Rajasthan was among the states receiving the lowest Rainfall in the country.

The conditions in Rajasthan have turned on its head. Rajasthan is facing havoc like situation. It is under the radar of massive rainfall in the previous days.

Heavy rainfall on Saturday:

Saturday came with even more downpours, the majority of the regions were prone to the heavy rainfall that hit the state.

This is the story of Rajasthan since the beginning of this monsoon season it has received much more rainfalls than the average of the previous years.

Nagaur and Parbatsar, were the regions to receive the highest amount to rainfall with 14 and 8 inches respectively.

rajasthan flood

State and district authorities are on high alert:

Several rivers of the state are flowing close to the danger level, the authorities are asked to take precautionary measures in case the situation goes out of control. The state officials have assured that the situation is under their strict vigilance, they have all bases covered to evacuate the people in case of any further rainfall.

Adding to the misery there’s a warning of heavy rainfall in the next 48 hours:

The woes of Rajasthan are not getting to get over any soon, the weather department has released a warning there will be heavy rainfall in several regions of North India, Rajasthan included.

The Bisalpur dam has reached its full capacity, it won’t be able to hold any further amount of water. In case of further rainfall, the dam gates will have to be opened. The villagers in the vicinity to the dam are facing the threat of flood however, the district authorities have assured that they are well-equipped to initiate the evacuation process in case required.

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