Healthy apps or how to develop a healthcare app


Now the topic of health has come out on top. Everyone is focused on health and wellness, proper nutrition, responsible consumption, and organic products. We have smartwatches that track important vital signs, and can call an ambulance themselves. The era of digitalization has led to a sensible approach to organizing life. People value not only their health and strive to increase life expectancy, but also to spend their time properly. They don’t want to waste precious minutes of life on the road and standing in queues at the clinic.

As always, responding to the needs of the society, medical applications appeared, which solve different tasks of users. They may be different in purpose, but all are aimed at helping people monitor their health in one way or another. They serve as a bridge between medical professionals and patients, process data, enable remote contact and stay under the usual medical supervision even 1000 miles away from the doctor. Likewise, they make users’ lives predictable and organized. 

Healthy apps or how to develop a healthcare app

68.8% of smartphone users downloaded health and fitness-themed apps for 2021. Since the pandemic, there has been a 36% year-over-year increase in such app downloads. Investments in startups aimed at developing healthcare apps are more than $120 billion for 2021. All these figures indicate a new promising sector, so next we will look at how to develop a healthcare app.

Types of healthcare app

Now let’s take a closer look at the types of such apps.

Online platforms. You can find a specialist by location and rating and have an online consultation. This has taken on a special meaning during the Pandemic COVID-19. The user not only saves time, but also does not risk contracting the virus at a hospital appointment. This is also comfortable for tourist trips, overseas business trips, where there may be a language barrier or a high level of medical care may not be available. These platforms can not only bring together the patient and the doctor, but create communities of medical professionals. So that doctors around the world can solve complex cases or share experiences together.

Applications from specific hospitals and medical centers. These can be comprehensive observation programs or develop a healthcare app to meet specific goals. For example, rehabilitation after injuries, weight loss.

Management of medical organizations. This is specialized software that allows the creation of digital interaction with patients. Which allows you to reduce appointment time, waiting times and simplify bureaucratic mechanisms. For example, the introduction of the Electronic Health Record allows doctors to see all the data and history of the patient and easily send it to other medical centers on demand.

Monitoring. If you develop a healthcare app for monitoring, it allows you to track vital signs of the patient, transmit them for analysis to specialists and react in time when negative symptoms occur.

Mental health. Under the constant stresses of both internal self-demands and adverse events in the world, a person needs tools to track their psychological state. In this way, they can help to identify a problem and contact a specialist in time. Most often such applications consist of forms with questions and testing to determine the state.

Notifications, reminders. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to forget to take Omega-3 or vitamin D, which is why you require an electronic assistant who will remind you in time about taking your medication and dosage.

Fitness apps.Everyone strives for a beautiful and healthy body, with such apps there is no need to go to the gym. Humanity is the first to face this in 2020. More and more people are using them in daily life.

What users need when to develop a healthcare app 

It’s not enough to develop a healthcare app, the goal is to solve the user’s problem. So what are the difficulties the client faces? First, it’s time. Time for travel, waiting, filling out documents. Make him happy, give him the opportunity to book an appointment with a doctor, have a consultation, take out insurance, get an answer without a long wait, and all this without getting up from the favorite couch. And if he can pay for it all in two clicks in a way that is convenient for him, then he will definitely become the most loyal customer. And then there’s the question of cost. As a rule, an online appointment is cheaper for the patient, so that saves money. 

Security, namely data protection. Everybody wants to keep their secrets and be sure that personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Pairing with health devices: fitness bracelets, smartwatches, monitors – will be a significant advantage to develop a healthcare app.

You also need a clear interface, so you can understand the system intuitively. Do not forget that only competent developers can help you with this.

Step by step to develop a healthcare app.

And since we are talking about developing a healthcare app, let’s look at what it consists of.

This sector is actively developing, there are already many applications, but it is not over-saturated. So start by identifying the needs in your region. Analyze your competitors and the Target Audience. Understand what your client needs. What are his difficulties you can solve? What is your competitor lacking to ensure regular demand? This is an important stage and the future of your project depends on how well you conduct it.

Now you need to decide on a set of features. Answer the questions. What should your application have? What will make it user-friendly? Try not to overcomplicate and overload it. The experience of highly skilled developers will help you here. They can help you avoid mistakes and make your app not only functional, but visually appealing as well.

Once you have the above parameters, you can calculate the budget to develop a healthcare app and determine how to monetize the project. You need to understand how you will get money: from subscriptions, advertising or in-app sales. And also think about future ways to scale the project.

An experienced executor will tell you that it is better to start with a minimally viable product (MVP). This method helps to save money, quickly test the idea of developing the app at the start and make conclusions about the further fate of this project.

Do not forget about project promotion, actively develop social media, create a trusting relationship with the audience.

The important things when you develop a healthcare app

  • Security. When creating such projects, you are dealing not only with personal but also with medical data, so it is necessary to study the legislation of the country where the application will be launched. Blockchain can be such a system for protecting information. And of course, you get 24/7 access to the information.
  • Integration with other devices. This increases the relevance to the user.
  • Cross-platforms will help distribute the application for different types of mobile operating systems.
  • Choose your partner to develop a healthcare app responsibly. It is 60% of the success of your project.

The interest in a healthcare app will not fade away, because people will not stop searching for a healthy and long life. That means you have all the chances to create not only a demand, but also a useful, necessary product.

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