first Of all: in every country There are pharmacies, Doctors and hospitals. Accordingly, it is impossible for your Baby in case of an emergency – medical supply. However, it is only to treat minor injuries, to treat a couple of mosquito bites, or your child is a cure for diarrhea to be administered, you will appreciate a well-Packed first aid kit in the holiday perfectly. Especially when you have to care for your Baby in the night. We will tell you how you can prepare for it better.

What to include in a travel first-aid kit for children?


fever, diarrhea, vomiting – when must a child in the emergency room?

you know your child best: Suffer your Baby on a intolerance or Allergy , must be stored in the corresponding medication, of course, the first in the travel pharmacy. No diseases are known, it can still happen that the sensitive stomach of your child in the holiday reacts to certain food – this is the reason why a remedy against should be inserted through the case bearing. Best in combination with a drug against the possible bloating and Bauchrämpfe.

does your child Respond particularly sensitive to the mosquito bites ? We recommend that you an electronic Bite: by Using the local action of heat, the itching, the Burning is relieved, the pain and possible swelling caused by the bite of a mosquito, wasp, or brake within a short period of time. And the Best part is: The bite is just as good for Pregnant women, Allergy sufferers and adults . In order to maintain your child in front of a stitch, in principle, you can use a mosquito repellent bracelet that is simply attached to the wrist.

Get your Baby on holiday fever and/or suffers a flu are a cold medium such as, for example, nasal spray for children, cough syrup or a fever suppository just Right. Especially the Latter must, however, be stored in a cool place, because you can melt otherwise. You have no cooling , are fever drops to a reasonable Alternative. To ensure that the increased temperature is in the dangerous area and you need to see a doctor, you should take a measuring device.

take a Trip in a warmer country, is the UV radiation significantly higher and therefore more dangerous for babies and small children. Make sure a water resistant sunscreen with light protection factor 50 stow+ in the travel pharmacy. For the beach holiday nowadays, there is even a special sunscreen spray for children, to prevent that there is no Sand on the freshly-treated skin from sticking. You think in addition to the appropriate after-sun Lotion against the skin redness .

Small children tend to fall rapidly and thus frequent minor injuries, such as cuts and abrasions . So that the affected area is not inflamed, it is important to free it from Dirt and treated with a wound disinfection agent . Here is the purchase of a kit including wound gel and patch is worth it, so you can treat the injury of your child the same expertly. In the Rest of the wound is also suitable for minor burns .

Before the travel

not to vaccinate forget Depending on where you spend your holiday, you should inform yourself in advance at your local tour operators and/or at the foreign office on whether you and your children must be vaccinated before entry. Since the Vaccination needs especially in the case of babies for a while, until he has built up, allow enough time for this. Then, you should store your vaccination certificates in your hand Luggage, so you can refer to it faster.



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