Netflix’s Haunted Season 4 Release date- When will it release?

A Netflix horror series with supernatural elements that tell us about real-life close encounters. Over the past two seasons, Netflix’s Haunted has been scaring us with horror stories and ghouls. The third installment of the scary tales started streaming on 14th May 2021.

Season 3 of Netflix’s Haunted out!

The show first aired in 2018, and it allowed viewers to see ghost stories from all over the world. The show’s idea is that each episode tells a new horror-themed incident from around the world. These cases allegedly occurred in real life, with the episodes also including testimonies from real-life victims.


Netflix’s Haunted series offers a chilling look at first-hand accounts from people who have experienced these disturbing supernatural occurrences, as well as certain unexplainable phenomena that continue to haunt them.

When was Season 3 of Haunted released?

Season three of the horror anthology series has premiered this week, on Friday, May 14. The series skipped the October 2020 deadline due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is still seven months behind schedule.

Netflix's Haunted Season 4 Release date- When will it release?

On April 17, Netflix released a trailer for the new season, in which a variety of narrators can be heard describing the events of the new season.

Direction and Production:

Jan Pavlacky has produced and directed the show, which is his first feature-length project after the short film Bka 49-77, which was released in 2014.


It’s unclear what new storylines are on the way, but none of the events from the previous seasons will be repeated. Fans are thrilled to see the horror series return, with many expressing their excitement for the new season. Season three consists of only six episodes.

Netflix’s Haunted Season 4 Release Date:

Now, that Haunted Season 3 has released on 14th May 2021, the release date for Haunted Season 4 might be confirmed later this year. With the pandemic still going on, fans might have to wait a little longer for the Haunted Season 4 release date.


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