Has NCIS: New Orleans Reached The End Of The Line? Will There Be A Season 8?

New Orleans is a police procedural television series and a crime drama. New Orleans attracted a large mass of fans with different concepts of the series. Being fans’ most-watched series, NCIS launched seven seasons of the series back and again. All seven seasons contain different sets of themes. The NCIS team investigates different criminal cases also involving military personnel.

Glimpse Of All The Seven Seasons of NCIS: New Orleans

Season 7 consists of 16 episodes as New Orleans suffered from COVID 19 pandemic. Two very honorable officers were hired.  Tommy and Carter were hired to investigate the case.

Tommy and Carter both work as a team and continue to investigate the suspicious deaths due to COVID 19 infection. Unfortunately, after the death of the NOPD officer, they both hire a team of dirty cops. They continue to search for the culprit of the officer’s death.

Has NCIS: New Orleans Reached The End Of The Line? Will There Be A Season 8?

All of a sudden, they come across a key to solve the case. Again ahead in the series, another Navy therapist was killed. Further, the Pride and the team continue their search for an officer’s assault and murder. In episode 10, again, a petty officer was shot down with the help of a sniper. Then Pride and NCIS start hunting for the killer and finally hunt down the one.

One of the criminals got successful in escaping from the prison.  The prisoner tries to take his revenge and puts Sebastian’s life in danger. Finally, in the end, Pride proposed to Rita, and their wedding rituals took place.

Cast Of The New Orleans

Scott Bakula, Rob Kerkovich, Necar Zadegan, Charles Michael Davis, Vanessa Ferlito, Chelsea Field. Many other versatile and hardworking actors were hired for the series. All of them gave their best and worked hard to fulfill all the requirements of the fans and did justice to the series.

Rating Of The New Orleans

  • Rotten Tomatoes: 37%
  • IMDb: 6.8/10

All About Season 8

Sadly season 8 will never be released. Unfortunately, the makers of the series, season 7, saw the outcomes. Season 7 was aired from November 2020 to May 2021. During the making of the last episode of season 7, Jan Naish, the executive producer of the series, announced that season 8 would never take place. After hearing the news, they changed the plot of the last episodes of the series.

The CBS network decided to terminate the series and not release any further seasons as the story had ended. The fans’ reviews, low ratings of fans, and critics surely were one of the reasons. As by life’s rules, we see, ‘one day everything reaches their end.’

One of the news channels reported that season 7 of the series lost approximately a quarter of the fans as compared to season 6. Scott said that he was shocked by the cancellation, but the fans’ and critic reviews were not good enough to continue the story to season 8. All the cast and crew members were set aback after learning the fact.


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