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Happy Friendship day 2019: Cool wallpapers, HD images and pictures to send your friends

Admitted that true friends don’t need to perform any formalities to prove the intensity of their friendship, admitted it’s not essential at all to celebrate the day of friendship. But won’t it be an overwhelming feeling for your friends if you put in efforts to make them feel a tinge special?

Friendship day can be instrumental for you to express your feelings towards your friends. One doesn’t need a better occasion to convey their heart feeling to their pack of friends.

Pay homage to your special ones who stood by your side in the most difficult times of your life.

Your friends always have an ever-increasing role to play in your life, I mean you need someone out there to share your feelings with, to whom you can trust blindly.

The practice of tying friendship bands.

Not sure about the source of origin of this practice, but whosoever has initiated this awesome ritual deserves a huge applause. It is fascinating on another level, exchanging colorful bands with each other as a sign of true friendship, with the promise to extend the friendship life long.

Though these cards and bands are symbolic they don’t hold any material significance. Not following the practice won’t hamper the importance you give to your buddies.

Friendship isn’t a one-day gig!

Hanging around for a day and exchanging a couple of presents won’t make any difference to your bond at an overall level. You got to be enthusiastic about your friendship all year long, you can fake it to the world but cannot fake it with your friends.

As a matter of fact, 4th of August will mark the arrival of friendship day round the globe.

Rejoice buddies!!, pals!! Your day has arrived, go out and express your affection for each other. Take this day as an opportunity to add yet another chapter in the auspicious book called “Friendship.”.

Happy Friendship Day Images and Wallpapers


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