Happy Australia Day 2020: WhatsApp Status, FB Status, Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Cards

It’s January 26th and its Australia Day! Australia Day is the official national day for the country Australia. This day is also called as Foundation day, Survival day, Invasion day. This day was observed by citizens, residents, and Expatriates of Australia.

Australia Day is celebrated as it is the anniversary as the arrival of the first fleet of British ships happened at a place called Port Jackson near new south wales in 1788. Also, the raising of the Great Britain flag happened on the same day at Sydney Cove.

Some states in Australia does not celebrate on this day, as various people celebrate on various dates. Also, some people call this day with other names like ANA Day, National Day of Mourning and many such different names.

On the day, various activities will be done, some of them are: giving “Australian of the Year” Awards, also announcing Australian day honors from governor-general and Prime Minister of Australia. Even though some states do not celebrate this day, it is a holiday for each and every state in Australia.

This day has become one of the biggest annual public events in Australia as this day is celebrated irrespective of the small or large communities.

Also, there’s another factor that opposes Australian Day and that is Change the date movement.Some people in Australia believe that this day was created due to some unfriendly impacts of the British in Australia hence, they do not celebrate this day.

Happy Australia Day 2020: WhatsApp Status, FB Status, Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Cards

Australia Day quotes :

  • Australia Day is a celebration for the nation. Warm wishes on this special day to you. Enjoy this day with all your loved ones.
  • Let us all work hard to make it the best place on earth. Happy Australia Day 2020.
  • Let’s make a promise to our nation to make it a powerful and proud nation. Happy Australia Day.
  • Today is the day to treasure: shout out loud that you are an Australian and you are proud to be one. wishing you a very Happy Australia Day my friend.
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