Grand Army Season 2 Release Date Details, Cast and Plot

Grand Army television series is an American teen drama series that Katie Cappiello creates. This television drama series is based on an earlier work of Katie Cappiello, “Slut: The Play.” Grand Army was first premiered in the year 2020 on October 16th, and it streams on popular streaming channel Netflix. It is a surprising coming of age drama that shatters the stereotypes present in society, like sociocultural stereotypes. And this is achieved through encouraging heterogeneity.

The Plot of 1st season of Grand Army revolves around five students of Grand Army high school situated in Brooklyn, New York, who faces sexual assault, bullying, racism, etc. After its release of season one, it gathered tremendously positive responses from the fans. Even this television drama series also got praised by the critics for its honesty and flamboyance characteristics. The fans of Grand are eager to have a glance at their favorite characters again.

Grand Army Season 2

Grand Army Season 2: Cast

The official release of the cast list for Grand Army season 2 is not yet being released to date. But it is expected that the original cast members of season 1 will return. Odessa A’zion is scheduled to play Joey Del Macro’s role; Odley Jean will play the character of Dominique “Dom” Pierre. Similarly, Sid Pakkam, Siddhartha’s role will be played by Amir Bageria, Maliq Johnson will play Jayson Jackson’s role, Amalia Yoo will be cast as Leila Kwan Zimmer. Moreover, in the other supporting roles, we may again see Alphonso Romero Jones (the love interest of Dom), Sydney Meyer ( Anna Delanny), and Keara Graves as Grace.

Grand Army Season 2: Release Date

Grand Army Season 1 had nine episodes, and the run time of each episode was 42 minutes to 72 minutes. To date, Netflix has not announced the renewal for the second season of Grand Army, and Netflix often delays the renewal of its television series. Only if the series achieves high popularity within the first few weeks will Netflix renew it for a second season. But Grand Army season 1 did not receive high popularity within a week of its release.

However, it is expected that the Grand Army season 2 may get a renewal in 2021, and production might also begin this year. And season 2 of Grand Army may release in the year 2023.

Grand Army Season 2: Plot

The plot for the Grand Army season 2 is also not announced. However, it is expected that it might begin from where it ended from the last part of the 9th episode of season 1.

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