Gomorrah Season 5 Release Date, Preview, Plot, Cast and Details

Gomorrah Season 5 Preview

Gomorrah is an Italian crime drama show written by Roberto Saviano. The highly acclaimed show was first aired on Sky Atlantic. It is one of the best Italian shows ever.


The show follows Ciro Di Marzio’s life in Naples, where he is a member of the Savastano clan headed by Pietro Savastano. The Story starts with the arrest of Pietro, and in the background, the power struggle begins. The young generation of members led by Pietro’s son Gennaro fights with the old members to get the upper hand. The whole series revolves around the crime families fighting each other to gain control of Naples’ city. It’s all about betrayal and gaining the upper hand.

Season 4 Review

gomorrah season 5

The 4th season of the series has revealed Ruggeri is chasing and getting close to Gennaro while getting to terms with Patrizia in parallel. Gennaro, on the other hand, tries to get information on Ruggeri from Michelangelo and diplomats. He then saves Patrizia using help from Michelangelo. He questions Patrizia about her association with Ruggeri and what she has revealed to the enemy. She denies providing any information, but Gennaro eventually knows about her betrayal and kills her & Michelangelo.

Season 5 Preview

Season 5 will concentrate on Gennaro’s change of heart and Ruggeri’s ruthless pursuit of Gennaro.
Now on the run after the murders, Gennaro goes into hiding in his underground room while both police & Ruggeri search for him. While he hides, Gennaro will wait to see what fate has in store for him.
As mentioned by the production house president, there will be few gaps in the storyline of Gomorrah between Season 4 and 5. There is a spin-off L’Immortale that has been released recently. It would help bridge the gap. This series follows the whole Savastano clan in parallel as they fight off the betrayals to stay afloat.

Gomorrah Season 5 Release Date

As of now, there has been no release date pinpointed by the production house for season 5. It has been given as a tentative release in 2021. As the fans keep on waiting for more than a year to watch season 5, it’s recommended to watch the spin-off.

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