Girl From Nowhere Season 2: Coming Soon! Checkout Release Date, Cast and Plot

Take a moment from your screens and try to recall your school life. I know most of you probably be thinking about fests, friends, first crush, and whatnot. But not all school stories are as pleasurable as yours. To bring the mystery back, Girl From Nowhere is soon to be on the floor.

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai series originally telecasted by GNN 25. Still, considering the international popularity and demand, the series has now been taken over by the lord of OTTs -Netflix.

Girl From Nowhere Season 2


The second season’s production started way back in August 2020, midst the Covid crisis, and is soon to be wrapped. The die-hard fans are awaiting the release of the series.


As per speculations from the trailer, it’s dam sure to expect the same chaotic plotline as the first season.

The story revolves around the mysterious character Nanno, played by Chicha Amataayakul, who has been previously praised by critics for her performance, calm and floral from the outside but dark and deadly from inside.

Nanno is not a normal school lad. She is on a toll to dig down the deep scandals of ‘pleasant’ to be supposed school life. The scandals include twisted bullying cases, rape, academic cheating, sexual assaults, academic cheating, and even the dangers of hive and stan mentality.


Now, this is the point which dulls the fans – The release date. The second season’s teaser was aired by Netflix Thailand around seven months back, but the release date has not yet been declared. Speculations suggest the release to be in mid-2021. However, no confirm official sources of the series have given appraisal.


Since the series follows different stories and characters, the screen’s cast is vivid and uncountable. However, Kitty Chicha Amataayakul’s lead has been praised by critics and international film lovers.


Is Nanno a ghost? Is she blessed? or is it something our brain can’t even measure?

To know more about the series, do stick around as there is much more to be discovered.


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