Gangs Of London Season 2: Release Date, Premise, Season 1 Cliffhanger and Plot

The Sky Atlantic got a skyrocketing level of TRP with its TV series, Gangs of London. The maker, creator Gareth Evans made it a spirally interwoven story and left all of us in a situation, a cliffhanger we didn’t expect. Now since the first season finale, the makers have decided upon their considerations for the sophomore.


The show is premised around underworld politics and the thirst for power rampant there. It all starts with the aftereffects of mob Fin Wallace’s death, a murder to be straight. The family of the victim is mourning along with strategizing their next move. The other gangs waiting for an apt opportunity to attack that family and get things to their advantage. The police, aware of their background, keep a close eye on their doings.

gangs of london season 2

Season 1 Cliffhanger:

Season one concluded on a condescending note, with Sean plotting a whole crusade to avenge the investors that ordered Finn’s murder. Elliot tried to save his career at last after being accused of Marian and getting involved in family mafia doings.

Plot Expectations From Season 2 :

A lot has been left to be answered, including what destiny has in store for the Finn family, and does Sean succeed in his revenge, and many more?

Perhaps more secrets of the Wallace family will come to light.


AMC has purchased US distribution rights in June 2029, the second season’s renewal has received a green signal from the makers anyway. However, the release is not yet confirmed concerning the exact date. However, it can be anticipated around 2022.

Reception :

The series was quite positively favored and received a rating of 88%; it is considered one of the best-contented shows of 2020 summer, with a combined viewership of 2.23 million.


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