From Mogadishu to the Museum: The infinitely long journey of the Landshut

It smells of kerosene and lubricating oil. In the remote and closed the Hangar of the airport of Friedrichshafen aviation technical rarities: a De Havilland Dove, two Dornier flying boats, and in the rear corner of the hull of a aged Jets. This Boeing 737, is not just a discarded plane, but the “Landshut”, the Lufthansa that was kidnapped in the fall of 1977 by Palestinian terrorists on your flight from Palma to Frankfurt, the RAF prisoners to compress free.

In contrast to the other parked machines, the Boeing does not Shine. No Logo or lettering adorns the tail. The patent from a long time ago. The 30-Meter-long wreck is lying with the belly on the ground, without landing gear and wings. The dismantled wings to rest with the tail in a different corner of the hall.

The 9000 km long Irrflug

The “Landshut” represents a Chapter of German post-war history. With 91 people on Board, the terrorist squad was wrong, five days long, first to Rome, then to Dubai, and Aden in Yemen. There, the Pilot, Jürgen Schumann from the kidnappers by a shot to the head was killed. Copilot Jürgen Vietor drove Boeing to Mogadishu in Somalia. Shortly after midnight on the 18. October 1977, the Anti-terrorist unit the GSG-9 stormed the machine, shot and killed three of the four hijackers and freed the hostages. A glorious Chapter in comparison to the failed hostage rescue at the Munich Olympic attack in 1972.

Boeing 737

In a sad condition: the “Landshut sees” today

According to the “magic of fire” has been repaired, the “Landshut” in Mogadishu and flew to 1985 for the Lufthansa in the line of duty. Then, the owners changed several times. Up to the time of decommissioning, she was up in 2008 as a cargo aircraft for the Brazilian TAF Linhas Aéreas in use. After 38 years of service, the plane was retired. For almost ten years, the Boeing was parked at the edge of the airport of Fortaleza, the tropical weather exposed and rusted in front of him.

A nearly 50-year-old Jet

“The ‘Landshut’ is not a wreck, she is in a good condition and has recognized a Patina,” says Barbara Wagner, curatorial project Manager of the planned Landshut exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The petite lady is standing on the top step of the staircase and tried to open the jammed cargo doors. Also inside you can see the machine age: a dark, musty tube, without the passenger seats and Luggage compartments. Some interior trim is missing already. But the narrow Cockpit is still in its original condition.

The “Landshut” is for Barbara Wagner an “archaeological object”. This aircraft was a “document of our history important event. Still time to join the witnesses with the name ‘Landshut’, the dismantling of German democracy with the left-wing terrorism. We would like to preserve for the next generations.”

Barbara Wagner since last year, on Board of the team that is designing a concept of the exhibition and the Archive works, and with time a witness speaks. The project is a non-profit Dornier Foundation for air and space travel, based in Friedrichshafen, which also operates at the airport opened in 2009, the Dornier Museum.


return to Germany on 23. September 2017: In Friedrichshafen, the former Lufthansa aircraft “Landshut To” in the belly of an Antonov an-124 landed.

©Karl-Josef Hildenbrand Picture-Alliance

the “Landshut” before scrapping saved and from Brazil to Friedrichshafen came, thanks to the knee-jerk action of two men: the former foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, and David Dornier, Director of the Museum and grandson of aviation pioneer Claude Dornier.

the appropriate place for the huge exhibit in a German Museum, in Bonn or Berlin, has not been discussed for a long time. The Friedrichshafen-based aerospace Museum finally has runway access. A Ukrainian transport aircraft of the type Antonov an-124 flew the disassembled “Landshut” in September of 2017 to the lake of Constance. “Friedrichshafen is the ideal location. Here there is a Museum,” says the curator.

Massive promotion by the Federal government

€ 20,000 paid by the Federal Foreign office for the scrap value of the aircraft. However, prior to the discussion of a concept of the exhibition is the struggle to find the funding began. The the Foreign office has taken over not only the costs for the Transport of the “Landshut”, but also the construction of a new exhibition hall next to the Museum. And the Federal government Commissioner for culture and the media financed “the creation and implementation of the exhibition concept including the necessary staff costs, as well as the necessary Work on the aircraft”, says the Homepage of the project.

Lufthansa flight 592, 25 years ago

The almost-forgotten story of a plane hijacking

By Till Bartels

The year on a € 200,000 estimated operating cost of the Dornier will have to bear Museum, which receives no public funds of the country or city, and to higher visitor hopes to pay. The future exhibition “will be understood as democracy-historical place” and to close “a previously in the German Museum landscape existing gap,” it says. The makers have set high targets: “We need to show more than just a plane, but a part of the German history that had an impact on the further development of society. The visitors will be able to know the political and social relationships alive”, says the curator of Wagner.

None of the Parties may be set on a schedule, not even when it will come to the start of construction. “It came to unexpected delays,” says Barbara Wagner, diplomatic, and notes: “the concept of The exhibition due to the architecture and the size of the new building.”

Still seems to float the project “Landshut”, although the exhibition object is located for almost two years on the floor of the hangar. The Odyssey of a once-hijacked plane goes on. The to the the terrorist Chapter of the ‘ 70s, interested visitors will have to wait yet.

But in the Foyer of the Dornier Museum in a display case already to see two exhibits of the “Landshut” (see photo above): the broken exercise bike and a projectile taken flight instrument in the Cockpit. Both are on loan by the then co-pilot Jürgen Vietor. A taste, on what is to come.

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