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Five tricks online casinos use to make you spend lots of money

Any business runs on profit, and online casinos are no different. It is known to many that land-based casinos have some tricks that they use to engage players and keep them playing so that they keep on spending money, and no matter they win or not, the house always wins.

The land-based casinos use lights and flooring to entice players. They also provide free alcohol for people to loosen up and play more. They perform a lot of such tricks, and many agree that they even work. The players end up spending a lot more time and money than they intended to.

But online casinos like 918Kiss cannot do that as they don’t have physical access to a player. But online casinos are also catching up and have found a few tricks that make the players wanting to play and spend more money. They can do so by offering or designing the site so that it is flashy and keeps the players engaged so that they keep on playing. 

Online casinos also have it harder because it is difficult to hold a person’s attention on the internet because of the interruptions. The atmosphere is controlled in land-based casinos. But it becomes harder when the person is gambling on the phone with social media sites running.

Some of the tricks that casinos use to keep its audience engaged are as under:

Sound design

The online casinos follow the sounds of the real-time casinos that help in increasing the player’s excitement. The real-life casinos used sounds that help the player believe that they are winning, and even they don’t; they have a shot. This leads the player to believe and to bet more.

The online casinos use similar sounds when a player wins at a slot machine or any other game. This boosts the player’s confidence, and they spend more money on the euphoria they get when they win.

Flashy lights

Lights work similarly to sounds, and flashy lights make the games more appealing and trick the player into thinking that they can win. This creates a trance, and a player keeps on playing.

Free spins

Casinos also use free spins to attract players. The players make free spins and win and thus want to play more, but they can only do so by spending money. Thus, they sign up and play more. Asian slot game casinos (that can be found by Googling เกมส์สล็อต) offer range of bonuses and promo offers for new and existing players to keep them inside of their eco-system.


The bonuses offered by the casino can only be won when one signs up and makes a deposit. And you can use the bonus to play and cash it out, as it is illegal in many casinos. Getting a bonus makes you want to play more, but you can win or lose, but the casino does make you spend money. They also give an incentive; the higher the deposit, the higher the bonus. Thus, they make players deposit higher amounts.

Cancel withdrawal

When you want to cash out, the casino gives you a cancel withdrawal option so that you play more. This also makes players go back to playing more and sometimes lose the amount they have won.


These were some of the tricks that online casinos use to make players spend a lot of money. These can be spotted if one is aware and can play accordingly. 


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