First Season Of Storm Rising & Everything To Expect From The Debut Series

Nature fascinates and scares all of us, but only some of us actually understand what nature is trying to tell us. If you’ve always been interested in knowing more about the climate or how storms, tornadoes, and Hurricanes take place. Well, one series to recommend that shows just the same would be Storm Rising. The series is said to show anything and everything related to storms and stuff. It will show us the insides of the storm and what all the work goes into tackling the same.

First Season Of Storm Rising & Everything To Expect From The Debut Series

Christian Palladino and Drew Pulley produce the series. These producers have worked to produce content in line with nature and have done a good job producing Storm Rising. If you’re interested in knowing more about the series, all the details regarding it are ahead.

When will the First Season of Storm Rising be Released?

The first season of Storm Rising will be released on November 3, 2021, as announced by the officials. The series will have five episodes. The series has already finished releasing its episodes. We might get a season two, or we might not, nothing about that is discussed or confirmed.

What to Know Before Starting the Season?

The series is a work by National Geographic Channel. The series will most probably have a lot of technical talks and facts. The episodes aren’t really connected to each other. So while viewing, fans don’t need to worry about losing on context. The series has already finished its first season in the month of October on a cable TV channel and now will be uploaded on streaming websites for viewing.

Who All to Expect in the Cast of the Series?

The two main people that we will expect in the series are Reed Timmer and Mike Theiss. Both of them have previously appeared in shows similar to Storm Rising. They have immense love and passion for knowing about storms and have starred in the series displaying the same.

What will Storm Rising to be About?

As the name speaks for itself, it will have a ton of talks about storms. It will discuss the before, during and after storm measures taken or what all work goes into tackling such things. The first episode is titled “New Breed of Storms,” the second episode is titled “High Plains Insanity,” the third episode is titled “Hurricane Double Threat,” the fourth episode is titled “Overnight Disaster,” and the last episode is titled “Surging Threat.”

As the title of the series suggests, the first episode will most likely show us the different types of storms, the second episode is probably going to be something where the storm sweeps plains, the third episode might talk about double Hurricane, the fourth episode will strike disaster, and the final episode will alert us about the threat emerging and how we should be ready.

Where to Watch the Series?

The series has already finished airing on TV channel and is now available for viewing on the Official Website of National Geographic Channel. Apart from the officials’ website, the series will be available for viewing on Disney Plus from the mentioned release date. United Kingdom users can watch the series on the official website of Sky.


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