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Find Exactly the Right Blackjack Apps with The Best House Edge

Blackjack is both a fun and serious game depending on which side of spectrum you are on. Some blackjack players are serious about playing basic strategy and finding tables with liberal rules that offer a lower house edge. Other types of blackjack players are what we call loose. They prefer to just sit down and relax and play blackjack without worrying too much about whether they lose. However, both play because they enjoy the game.

For all blackjack players, finding the right blackjack for the type of player they are is not just about finding a great online casino that offers blackjack tables, it is also about the bonus offers and the variants of blackjack these tables offer. Another key point to note is that there are now different ways to play blackjack via mobile apps.

  •       Virtual blackjack tables
  •       Live dealer blackjack tables

Apps with bonus deals

Choosing a blackjack app with a bonus deal that allows you to play blackjack may look straightforward enough. However, it can also pose a few problems. A casino bonus is basically a way to get bonus money, so it’s basically a complete free hit or bet on the blackjack tables.

You can use a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, or cashback deals to get bonus money and sometimes earn money back from your losses. However, the catch is that you should always read the bonus terms to make sure you are allowed to use your free hit or bet on the blackjack tables. Some bonuses only apply to slots or scratch cards, so make sure you chose the right casino when choosing a blackjack app.

Choosing an app with the right blackjack variants

Now we already went over the two main types of blackjack players there are, so we now need to look at how each one chooses an app with the right variants for their style of play.

Loose Players: This type of player prefers to play blackjack tables that are fun. That usually means plenty of side bets and special features that add a little more zing to the gameplay.

Serious players: These players will want a table with a low number of decks, the ability to double down on any total, split as many hands as possible, surrender rules, and have a dealer rule that forces the house hand to stand on soft 17.

So how do these players find the right app that offers blackjack game variants that suit their style? Most of the time making the right choice is down to choosing a casino app with certain software providers that are experts at providing a variety of blackjack tables.

Choosing a Blackjack app with the right software providers

There are now 100s of software providers creating virtual blackjack tables that are available on casino apps while there are around 20 live casino platforms. Many of these software providers have multiple blackjack variants, which makes sifting through all the game rules quite a daunting task.

Luckily there are few major brand names out there that cater for virtual blackjack players, live dealer players as well as loose and serious players. Take Evolution blackjack tables for example. This software provider gives you the chance to play ‘Blackjack Party’ which is as the name sounds—a big party hosted by lively dealers. Another fun variant is Power Blackjack which gives players the chance to play an 8 deck game with no 9s or 10s in the shoe, plus the game also comes with four fun side bet options which are Bust, Hot 3, 21+3, and Any Pair.

The same software provider also offers VIP blackjack and Salon Prive which is for serious high rollers that want to bet 100s into the thousands per hand. Meanwhile, arguably the best and most liberal blackjack table out there is ‘Free Bet Blackjack’ which allows you to double down and split for free while still winning the price of the double down and split back even though no additional money was bet!

As you can see, there are many decisions to make when choosing the right blackjack app. It is down to the type of player you are, the game variants an app offers, and your preferred style of play. You may also want to check out this article on tips for online casino starters!


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