Final Day Darshan – Athi Varadar Temple Crowd Status, Waiting Time Today (16 August 2019)

The end of the 48 days event of rising Lord Sri Athi Varadar has already arisen. The darshan of the Lord started from 1st of July 2019 and a large number of Pilgrims have already visited.

Today, 16th of August, 2019 is the last day of the Athi Varadar festival. As the decision was taken in consultation with the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department and the archakas of the temple, there will be no VIP or Donor Pass darshan today.

Athivaradhar, who sits inside the Ananta Saras Pond at the Varadaraja Perumal Temple in Kanchipuram, comes out of the pool only about once in every 40 years and is very specially worshiped. He gives people the opportunity to do his darshan only for about 48 days.

The darshan will come to an end tomorrow morning and the devotees will be removed out from the temple. The administration of the temple has made the announcement that after that, the pooja will be held and the idol will be placed back in the Ananta Saras pond.

athi varadar

As today is the last and final day of darshan, it is expected that the number of devotees will be quite high (about 5 lakhs) as compared to earlier days of darshan. Hence, tight security is in full swing.

You can find below the details mentioned about the expected waiting time for darshan and the status of the crowd at Athi Varadar for today.

Early Morning Free Darshan – Approx 7 hours

Dharma Darshan or Free Darshan – 8 hours to 10 hours

Rs 300 Special Darshan – 4 to 6 hours, West Gopuram Gate (NO VIP or Donor Pass Darshan Today)

Senior Citizen Queue – 4 hours approx wait time, East Gopuram Gate

Parents with Infants Queue – 4 hours approx wait time, East Gopuram Gate

Naina Mulchandani
Naina Mulchandani
Naina is a graduate from St.Johns Engineering college. She lives in the national capital of India but she is interested in writing about everything that goes on in the country.

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