FAU-G App Download – FAU-G APK Download will be soon available online

The Most Popular, Highly rated, Online Multiplayer game- PUBG got banned recently in India by the Government of India as the App is linked with China and also the app is against India’s Security guidelines.

Indian version of PUBG: FAU-G Release Date, Features, Developer and Download

As we know, the users from India are highly disappointed after the ban. Both the players and High-level Streaming players are searching for an alternative to play. However, the government of India has come with the Indian version of Pubg with the name- “FAU-G”. Take a look below to know more about the game, and how to download it to your devices.

FAU-G Release Date

Fearless And United-Guards (FAU-G) will be available soon in India as told by the CEO of GOQii Vishal Gondal. Though there is no official date of the release of the game, it will be available soon according to the reports. Read more about FAU-G release here.

FAU-G Launch

Vishal Gondal along with Akshay Kumar launched the name of the game and released the poster of the game in social media on 4th September 2020. Akshay Kumar in twitter mentioned that he supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Movement, he would like to release the multiplayer action game named FAU-G. He also mentioned that fame is not only for entertainment purpose but it also helps the users to know about soldiers, and the sacrifices they have made for India.

Indian version of PUBG: FAU-G Release Date, Features, Developer and Download

FAU-G Game Download

The game FAU-G can be downloaded once it gets finished and released on the play store for android users, App Store for IOS users. As already mentioned, we still cannot say the exact date of the release of the game.

FAU-G Game Trailer

The trailer of the FAU-G game is yet to be released. Still, there’s no official trailer for the game and all the other existing trailers are fanmade and not the original.

FAU-G Game Download Apk

Once the game gets launched, and the FAU-G Application is created, the Apk file for the game will also be released online. But you should check whether the Apk file is safe for your device before installing it.

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