Fans Are Getting Upset About Yellowstone Season 4’s Release Date

Yellowstone Season 4 was renewed even before the premiere of Season 3. Fans are looking for season 4’s release date for a long time. Look’s like they can’t wait anymore; here are the complete details. Check it out!

Yellowstone Season 4

Paramount Network renewed Yellowstone Season 4 in February 2020, even before the release of Season 3. So, fans expected that they would get to see season 4 earlier than they expected.

However, the makers have not revealed the release date, and fans are eager to know it. Previous seasons were released around 20th June, but this date looks less likely to fans as the Paramount Network has not released any trailer.


Fans are eager to know the Release Date.

On every Instagram post of Yellowstone, fans are bombarding the comment section with one question, i.e., when season 4 will be released. In one post about Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) that asks fans to “tag the Lloyd in your life,” a fan commented: “The Lloyd in my life would have released a Season 4 Trailer by now….”

Similarly, another post of Yellowstone which features Kevin Costner, was posted with a caption: “John Dutton gets what John Dutton wants” a fan commented: “So if John Dutton wanted the season 4 premiere date, we’d get it?”

Hopefully, makers will announce the release date of Yellowstone Season 4 soon!

Season 4 Release Date

As we have mentioned earlier, the season 4 release date is yet to be confirmed. However, the makers have said long back that season 4 will premiere in June 2021.

Because there is no official release date announcement & there is no trailer, everyone thinks there might be a delay in the season 4 release.

Fans Are Getting Upset About Yellowstone Season 4’s Release Date

Instagram posts of cast members hint that season 4 was wrapped in November 2020 itself. But, things are still unclear why makers are delaying the release of season 4. Let’s hope they will update us on the season 4 release date in the coming days.

Till then, Stay Tuned!

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