Family Business Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Cast and Plot

The Family Business is a popular show on the streaming platform Netflix. The show has already released two episodes on Netflix. It is the most famous French show on Netflix and the first show hailing from France to have peaked.

Family Business: Plot

This show is produced by Les Films Du Kiosque, a popular video production unit in France. The show Family Business revolves around the plot that Joseph, a failed entrepreneur, upon learning that cannabis is legalized, resolute in transforming with his friends and families the Kosher butcher shop which his father owns and opening the first-ever marijuana coffee shop in the country of France.

Family Business Season 3

Family Business: New Season Three Announced

Season 1 of family business had released on Netflix in June 2019. And season 2 for the same show had renewed in July 2019 and released in September 2019. And renewal for the third season was announced on 2nd October 2020. Season 1 and 2 comprised of 6 episodes each season.

A few days before the renewal for the third season of Family Business, the actor who plays Gerard Hazan’s role, Gerard Darmon, conveyed this intrigue to return for the third season. The announcement for the Family Business season 3 was made on Twitter by Netflix France regional account.

This show has also romp through in different countries like Switzerland, Belgium apart from France. Even after a month after its launch, it ranked number 2 position on the TV rankings, which tends to be a fascinating feat for any online streaming show.

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