Fall Guys Season 4 Release date, Themes, Skins, Maps & All You Need To Know

Epic Games acquired Mediatonic. It is the company that launched the gaming software engine ‘Unreal’ and game ‘Fortnite’. We can now expect that the elimination game will now have more resources.

The fourth season of Fall Guys, ‘What’s on the horizon?’ is coming out soon and it looks well appealing. In season 3 of Fall Guys, they have been trading for some futuristic theme. We have gathered all the information you need to know about ‘Fall Guys’ Season 4.

Fall Guys Season 4 Release date, Themes, Skins, Maps & All You Need To Know

Fall Guys Season 4 Start Time

The date for the release of ‘Fall Guys’ Season 4 has not been decided yet but the game is expected to release soon. In the first week of March, Mediatonic shared the screenshots showing the themes and costumes, and other things. We can expect the new season to release in March as the third season came out in December.

It has been confirmed by Fall Guys Twitter account on March 8 that the new season will come out soon.

Fall Guys Season 4 Theme

The theme for ‘Fall Guys’ Season 4 is ‘The Year 4041’. This time the game will have some retro-future aesthetics. There are going to be many retro filters.

There is one tease available on the Twitter account of ‘Fall Guys’.

Fall Guys Season 4 Skin

New-season skins have been revealed by Mediatonic on different social sites. You can expect Shark, Alien, Disco Ball, and an Agent.

Epic Games Affect On ‘Fall Guys’

Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games in early March and the audience was a little confused about the game support. But there is nothing to worry about as the game will maintain all its versions.

Also ‘Fall Guys’ will remain on Steam. Players can expect this season to be on Steam too.

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