‘EVIL’ Season 2 Trailer Out – Reveals The Release Date

The Evil is knocking at our doors. Are you ready for a new ride to darkness?

“Evil,” one of the top-rated horror drama shows, is finally here. The show is back to stunt the audience with its season 2. Recently the makers dropped the season 2 first trailer, presenting a sneak peek of the fresh adventures coming in our way. The trailer reveals a glimpse of the demons and also highlights a surprise release date for the fans. Here are all updates.

Evil Season 2

The debut of the addictive horror CBS show, Evil, created a buzz among the viewers. Within a few weeks of its release, the CBS show developed a gigantic audience base anticipating the show’s renewal. Finally, makers of Evil, Robert and Michelle King, have the latest trailer that depicts a new journey to darkness. The first trailer unveils few details about the plot and announces the release date.

Evil Season 2

Evil Season 2 Release Date

Evil is coming on Sunday, June 20, on the Paramount+ network, the sequel of the much-awaited show. The second season will bring 13 exciting episodes, which will most probably drop on a weekly schedule.

Evil Season 2 Synopsis

Note: Here is the official synopsis for Evil Season 2

Evil is a perfect combination of psychological mystery and thrilling suspense that validates the origin of evil. It sketches the boundaries of humans divided on the scientific and religious fronts. The show revolves around a female psychologist who collaborates with a contractor or priest to investigate a sequence of evil events. The first season was an absolute stunner for the audience, and now it’s time for the sequel.

The second season will be another roller coaster ride. It will bring out the scariest moments with the appearance of evil. Darkness will surround Kristin after she murders a man. David will experience a high tide of temptation as he moves closer to his ordination. Meanwhile, Ben will be struggling with his nightmares and flashbacks that haunt him. Season 2 is going to be more power-packed and thrilling. So, let’s wait till June 20 to witness the thrill.


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