Everything You Should Know About the Spit Kink

Ready to try something new and kinky?

Why not give spit play a try? You can even start exploring this kink in anadult discordchat room.

We’ll explain it all below. And soon, you’ll be ready to open wide and say, “ahhh.”

Now, let’s get kinky!

Everything You Should Know About the Spit Kink

What is the spit kink?

The spit kink has been around for as long as humans have had mouths. So, a very long time to say the least!

It works probably exactly as you are picturing it in your head. It’s when you intentionally spit into your partner’s mouth during sex.

While people that have an aversion to saliva might not approve of this particular kink, there are many people that go wild for it. And keep in mind that we aren’t talking about loogies. Just some good old-fashioned spit being transferred from one partner’s mouth into the others.

But it doesn’t stop at the mouth. Spit play comes in all kinds of different levels and can be explored all over the body.

Why do people enjoy spit kinks?

Ah, the age-old question of “why does spitting in someone else’s mouth (or getting spit on) make me hot?” It’s a normal question! Here are some answers:

  • It’s the sensual feeling of saliva on the skin.
  • It’s thepower exchangeinvolved in being spit on or doing the spitting.
  • It’s simply the taboo nature of the act that makes it so sexy.

Who actually enjoys spitting in bed or getting spit on?

It turns out that more people than you think actually enjoy spitting in bed. Because spit play appeals to both the dominant type of partnerandthe submissive kind. It can be a hot, kinky way to excite your sex life.

Spit-kink lovers feel that saliva is simply another form of bodily fluid that turns them on when they see or feel it. For others, there is something specifically erotic about the act of spitting on another person itself. Either way, plenty of people out there get off on spitting in bed.

And if you want to as well, but you don’t know anyone that also wants to try it, why not use an adult discord chat room to find another spit play enthusiast?

How to try out spit play with adult discord chats

If you’re interested in exploring spit play, you should find someone else that equally wants to explore the kink. Because it’s only fun if it’s 100% mutual.

And if you don’t already have a partner that wants to try it out, then you can always look for a spit mate on adult discord chats. Here’s how you can find someone that is equally as kink as you:

  1. Find an adult discord chat or live sex chat room that you can trust.
  2. Choose a cam model or other member of an adult discord group to chat with.
  3. Start off the chat by explaining that you want some spit action and make sure the cam model is on the same page.
  4. Then, you can get started without holding back or worrying about being judged in any way.

How to explore spitting kink with a partner

When it comes to trying new things with a partner, always start out with a simple conversation about what you’re wanting to try. Once you’ve had that talk, then you can introduce spit play into your bedroom in a few ways.

If you’re both comfortable with it, you can start by exchanging light saliva during kissing. Once you’re both comfortable with that, you can move on to spitting on each other’s bodies during sex. If that feels good to you both, then you can progress to spitting into each other’s mouths.

Where to spit

  • Spitting on the body: This can be done anywhere on the body, but some people prefer to spit on specific areas like the face, chest, or back.
  • Spitting in the mouth: This is a popular way to start spit-play, as it can be erotic and sensual. Many people enjoy the taste of their partner’s saliva.
  • Spitting on food: Some people enjoy incorporating spit play into their food fetish activities. This can involve anything from simply spitting on food that will be eaten to using saliva as a sauce or marinade.
  • Spitting on genitals: Spitting directly on the most sensitive and sensual parts of the body is a great way to start out the spitting kink with a bang. Remember to do it slowly and sensually in a way that allows your partner to get a good view.
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