Euphoria Season 2: Release Date, Plot – When is Euphoria S2 Coming?

American teen drama series “Euphoria” is one of those shows that may seem complicated to watch due to their brutal honesty but still manages to make you stick to it due to its empathy and gorgeous visuals, and powerful performance Zendaya. The shows revolve around a group of high school students and their experiences of sex, drugs, friendships, love, identity, and trauma.

The show was originally released in 2019 and had received huge acclaim. Soon within a month of its release, the show was renewed for a second season, preceded by two 1 hour special broadcasts for season 2 in December 2020 and January 2021. But that was five months back, and now the fans are wondering when they will get to see the entire second season.

Euphoria Season 2

Euphoria Season 2: Release Date and Trailer

The show was renewed for the second season back in 2019, followed by the table reading in march of 2020. But like other things, the covid pushed the production into ambiguity which resumed only after March 2021. Now we know that the filming is going on since April and hasn’t been wrapped up.

Given that the show will at least take another six months to wrap up the post-production and editing. So we guess the show will be released in early 2022 but since HBO is keen on rolling it out by the end of 2021, let’s hope for the best.

As of now, an official trailer hasn’t been released

Euphoria Season 2

Euphoria Season 2 Plot:

Last we saw Season 1 ending on a cliffhanger with Rue having an overdose while Jules jumped on a train to leave the town. We know that Jules hadn’t died since she was a part of the special episode celebrating Christmas, which was titled: Troubles don’t last forever. But we still have to discover what happened with the rest of the characters.

Schafer said that she would want Jules to focus on herself this time without being messy. On the other hand, Reid, who plays Rue, revealed that her character would have a more significant role this time. Also, Gia will showcase much more than just being Rue’s little sister.

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