You might have heard this by now that Rajinikanth’s 2.0 is turning out to be a disaster in China. We can’t tell how big a disaster it is because we don’t know its theatrical value in China. But we can say that the film didn’t collect as much as it was expected to.

When it was released in China, the first day was massive. On day 1, the film collected over 1.4 million dollars. With this kind of start, the film was expected to rule the box office week after week. But that didn’t happen.

Robo 2.0 Day 6 China Collection

2.0 Collections Dropped

Robo 2.0 Day Wise China Box Office Collections

Day 1: China Gross Collections: ₹ 9.59 Cr [$ 1.37 M]
Day 2: China Gross Collections: ₹ 5.18 Cr [$ 0.74 M]
Day 3: China Gross Collections: ₹ 2.94 Cr [$ 0.42 M]
Day 4: China Gross Collections: ₹ 1.40 Cr [$ 0.20 M]
Day 5: China Gross Collections: ₹ 1.26 Cr [$ 0.18 M]
Day 6: China Gross Collections: ₹ 0.49 Cr [$ 0.07 M]

Total 6 Days China Gross Collections: ₹ 20.86 Cr [$ 2.98 M]

If you take a look at the numbers, you can note that the collection have been dropping significantly over the days. The drops are drastic. This lead to movie being removed from screens across China.

And we are still at Day 6. If this trend continues, the movie will see closing in the next week. However, we can expect a little hike in collections on the weekend.

That is all we have to say. What do you think? How much more will the film collect in its lifetime in China? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more updates on 2.0 china collections.

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