Ending Of Netflix’s The Time It Takes Explained! Will Lina & Nico Get Back Together?

The time it takes is available on Netflix! Episode 10 begins with Lina and Nico in an aquarium in the past. In the present, Lina organizes her life and sees an old photo of Nico and carefully puts it in a garbage bag. It feels like a fresh start for her. Lina then visits her widowed father. She slowly settles into her father’s house. They go to a bar together to check in. The father has a relatively simple life and he hopes to one day be able to fish again, but is busy cleaning up his deceased wife’s belongings.

Ending Of Netflix's The Time It Takes Explained! Will Lina & Nico Get Back Together?

He asks Lina why she is leaving she wants to make a fresh start because she is no longer with Nico. She reassures her father by telling him that she is fine. if you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1 we tell you everything!

The time it takes End explained

After receiving an explanation from her father Vincente, who still has not come to terms with the death of his wife, Lina decides to leave for good. She wants a fresh start and is ready to move on, as evidenced by the scenes where she clears out her apartment. The news of his departure is passed on to Nico, who arrives at the door the same evening. He tells her it’s not okay to forget things, which brings back their shared past. Before we know Lina’s answer, the series will come to an end.

Are Lina & Nico back together?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? It would be easy to say that these two are poisonous and not meant for each other, but in reality they have a lot in common. The first moments of their relationship clearly showed a natural chemistry between them. In addition, they have a shared history of 9 years.

However, the fact that Nico cheated on Lina is a big elephant in the room that will raise a lot of doubt in Lina. However, since she showed up at their meeting point anyway, it shows that Lina hasn’t 100% forgotten about her ex. Likewise, Nico has not been in the right frame of mind since his father’s death. His return from Zanzibar shows that he can make changes for a while before falling back into his old habits. Who says he wouldn’t do the same now?

in the end The time it takes (Time to forget you) is a series about turning the page and learning to heal broken hearts and heal wounds. I’d like to think Lina rejects it, but the ambiguous ending leaves it up to us to decide.


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